Favorite Newborn Products Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

When we found out we were pregnant I posted on our page for all my family, friends and clients to give us advice on their favorite and must have newborn products. We got a variety of items listed and I looked into each and every one. However, now that we are a month in I’ve definitely got my favorite items. So here’s my list of our better purchases and must have advice for anyone looking into newborn products. Favorite Newborn Products Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

These are in no order, but every single one of them are in our house and used all the time. So so worth the purchase! Here’s our list:

Favorite Newborn Products Newborn Photographer Logan Utah\

A changing table –

Andy and I debated on a changing table and we decided to buy a dresser that had an optional top adder that you could make into a changing table. We have LOVED having a changing table and use it every single time we need to change Kip’s diaper. It makes it so nice and super easy! For us, it’s a must have now.

DocAtot –

I debated on the DocAtot for months. I’d seen so many good things about it but a lot of it was focused on using the DocAtot for co-sleeping. Well, Andy and I decided NOT to co-sleep with our kids a long long time ago. I wasn’t sure we’d use the DocAtot  but was in love with the idea of taking his bed with us wherever we went or wherever he needed it so I splurged and got it. So glad I did! He sleeps SOOO well in it!

Baby Breeza –

I was undecided on breastfeeding right from the start (more on that in a later post). I figured I was going to bottle feed and when I was told about the Baby Breeza I was in love! A client of mine got one and I had the opportunity to go look at it while I dropped some stuff off at her house. I was in love. But being undecided I wasn’t sure on buying it. I had it on my registry for months and then decided to take it off. After Kip was born we were put on a Preemie Formula to help spark his growth. Andy said, Stacey, go buy that bottle maker. So I did. Let me tell you, it’s a life saver at 3 am. We have LOVED having it! And Kira or my nephews can make a bottle so easy for us!

MamaRoo –

I had purchased a bouncer on my registry and then got a notice that it was out of stock until August or later. Say WHAT? I was bummed. So I canceled the order and waited. I had looked into the MamaRoo after my sister told me about it but I wasn’t sure I should get it.  Then I saw a post from a friend that said theirs was one of the better purchases they made. So I talked to Andy and we decided to go for it. Kip has loved it! I love all the options and the variety of tilts the seat does. It’s been a great addition to our nursery!

The Honest Company Bottom Wash and Cleaner

– Kira and her mom gave us some bottom wash and detergent cleaner from the Honest Company. Oh my goodness. The Bottom wash makes cleaning a dirty diaper a breeze. One wipe and it all comes off! It’s been super! The cleaner works wonders on anything formula gets on. It’s definitely a must have!

Vaseline –

Well, this is a super easy one. We purchased some of the diaper creams and then our Pediatrician told us to use Vaseline. Oh my! Such a simple product but way better than those expensive creams. He hasn’t had diaper rash once and it’s so easy to put on and clean off. Plus, it doesn’t stay on your hands!

Clock –

We purchased this digital clock and thermostat from Amazon and have loved being able to time feedings and see what the temperature it is. So handy!

Huggies –

We have fallen in love with Huggies Diapers. We were gifted quite a few diapers so we’ve been able to try a bunch of brands. So far, Kip has not peed or leaked when he’s in Huggies. Every other brand has leaked. We’ve had pee up his entire backside because of the diapers. Huggies for the win for us.  

Favorite Newborn Products Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

Studio Sessions are some of our FAVORITE!  In our Studio, we  control the lights, props, backdrops and even the temperature to an extent but we also offer in home newborn sessions! We have a full list of props and backdrops that we can travel with or you can come to us and have access to them all! There is an additional travel charge for in home sessions. In Home Sessions are also limited on Qty of props/backdrops we bring. Book your studio session to take full advantage of the props and supplies we have! Or go for the lifestyle look and we’ll come to you! Either way, we would LOVE to capture your newborn baby’s first professional photos.

Favorite Newborn Products Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

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Favorite Newborn Products Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

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