Hospital Bag Must Haves

I remember the day we headed to the hospital to have our little guy like it was yesterday. And I remember running around our house frantically looking for all the things I had wanted to take to the hospital with us that I hadn’t packed yet. I packed our bag in a huge rush. A day later Andy had to head to home get a few more things I hadn’t brought. And I sent my mom and sister shopping for another item or two that I had talked about buying but never got around to it. So here’s my suggestion on those Hospital Bag Must Haves | Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

This list doesn’t include everything, obviously, but it only includes those important items. Diaper rash cream is not needed, use what the hospital has šŸ™‚

When to Pack

This is a tough one! I delivered just after 35 weeks so I’d say pack a bag around 32 weeks. And yet some ladies deliver even earlier than that! However, 32 weeks seems like a safe time to start packing. Delivery possibilities are still a ways away but it’s always good to be safe!

What to pack for Mom
  1. ROBE – I wish I had found and bought a robe I loved! I talked about buying a robe for months and I looked and Looked and unfortunatly NEVER found one I loved. I sent my mom and sister to the store to get me one and we got one that worked but I didn’t love it. The arms were too baggy and bothered me. So my suggestion is to get a mid/short length arms. That’s what I would have wanted.Ā  I also wanted a blue robe since we were having a boy so I’d suggest finding a color that coordinates or matches the baby your having.
  2. PANTS! – Oh man I wish I’d have known to pack some comfortable pants! I had my mom bring me some so that I could walk from the mother baby unit down to the NICU and not have to wear the hospital robe the entire time without something underneath. Oh that was so comfortable!
  3. MAKE UP / HAIR – I’m sure this is a normal for everyone. I didn’t get ready as much as I would have liked but I loved having my make up there when I needed it.
  4. CELL PHONE CHARGER – I actually remembered this one!
  5. ANY SPECIAL ITEMS! – My sister bought me these awesome socks for our baby shower that I had planned on wearing during delivery. I totally forgot them and was devastated that I didn’t have them in my bag. So make a list and pack early anything that you really want to have there with you!
What to pack for baby
  1. WRAP – I did actually pack the wrap I wanted to use for our “announcement” photo.
  2. HAT/HAIR BOWS – Pack any accessories you might want to have. I packed a cute little hat to take pictures in.
  3. CAR SEAT – I’m sure you have this one already! We had the car seat at my moms and had to have her bring it up to us. I spent the time while I was there to put all our cute little inserts in the car seat only to have to REMOVE them to do the “car seat test” since Kip was a preemie. So My recommendation is to NOT put them in until you are home.
  4. NO DIAPERS – Do not take diapers with you, instead take all the diapers and wipes home with you from your stay, šŸ™‚
  5. OUTFIT – Make sure you pack your going home outfit! I hadn’t picked one out yet and then where he was so littleĀ  my mom went and bought us some preemie outfits. So be prepared, have yours picked out well in advance!
What to pack for Dad
Other items to pack
  1. CAMERA – Don’t forget your camera! Memory card, batteries, etc.
  2. ACCESSORIES – I used a name board I wanted to use to put his stats on so I made sure to pack that! That’s one I remembered!
  3. SNACKS/DRINKS – I craved a coke when I was at the hospital and all they had was diet. Yuck. I’d have my mom and Andy bring me a drink so I’d fulfill that craving.

Hospital Bag Must Haves | Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

Hospital Bag Must Haves | Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

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