SHP Backdrop Guide

It’s been a while since we updated our Backdrop Guide and Complete Background list so that’s what we’ve been working on this winter! Whew, we have a LOT! This list is currently up to date as of March 2022 and as you know, we continually buy new items because that’s what we do to stay competitive and help clients have fresh new looks! So use this as you will but we love sharing! And this time we printed this as a BOOK so you have a full list in the studio without having to get everything out. SHP Backdrop Guide

My backgrounds list is now a must have! I’ll continue to keep it updated! I can see how valuable this is going to be for both me and clients!

Keep in mind this is a growing list and we will try to keep it updated. You can pick backdrops to use before hand or while you are at the studio. However, knowing what you want before hand does say us time in deciding!

Our previous Backdrop list can be found here. Background List Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

SHP Backdrop Guide

Backgrounds from: Intuition Backgrounds,    HSD Backdrops, Fancy Fabric and others.

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