The Tuesday Ten | Using a Professional Print Lab

I’m super excited about today’s Tuesday Ten post! I have been using a professional print lab for nearly 2 years… but clients only seldom use my print lab. This is completely ok with me. I love offering a CD and print release. Most of my clients actually prefer it that way. I do hope they actually print the photos for their beautiful home or office but where they print their photos is completely up to them. I always offer prints through me and occasionally clients will use my lab. Today, I’m here to tell you why I think ordering through me for prints is beneficial and why a Professional Print lab is worth it!

1.     Professional Prints are affordable! Professional Print
Prices are really not that expensive. The lab I use also runs 30-50% specials ALL
THE TIME! I’ve put in two Print orders on specials in the last month. And if
you order within 1 week of getting you CD/Gallery (and you mention this when
ordering) I’ll even give you a 20% discount if you’re paying regular

2.     Easy Ordering! You tell me what you want and I’ll let you know when
it arrives! It’s as easy as that. You can order via email, text, phone, Facebook, and my website. 

3.     Color Calibrated Monitors. Not all labs
monitors are calibrated or even calibrated the same. So what my computer screen
looks like when I edit is not always what you get from your lower end print
labs. With Professional labs I’ve gone through the sample process to ensure my
colors look like the colors you are getting in your prints. This is super
important! I found an example that shows this perfectly.  It’s from Feather Blue Photography in Boise,

4.     Higher Quality. Professional Print labs use higher quality paper and
ink. They hold up better, last longer and look stunning.

5.     Turnaround time. I know a lot of people love
using Wal-Mart and Sam’s club because their turnaround time is quick. Going
through me for your print lab will only be 2-3 days to get your prints to you.
I think that’s worth the wait.

6.     Print Finishes! I love using different print finishes. Most professional print labs
offer multiple choices on your finish. They aren’t limited at Glossy and Matte
like your local ones usually are. Here are some examples from
: Lustre lacks the glare of glossy, textured finishes make prints finger print
resistant, metallic is similar to glossy but it looks like it is printed on
Metal.  The two labs I use offer MANY
photo finishes, I have examples of them you are welcome to look at!

7.     Albums! I love photo albums. I include an album in all my
wedding packages and think they are a perfect keepsake of your session.

8.     Products / Accordion Books. I love accordion books. I have
given an accordion book to my sister, I use this as an example in my studio, I
have one in my office. They are a super fun conversation starter and they look
fantastic. But it doesn’t end just there. There are SO many options when it comes to Professional Print labs! Holiday Cards, Dry Erase boards, Image Folios, Wood photo boxes, Proof Boxes and Books, Business Cards, Rep Cards, Bookmarks, CDs/DVDs, Playing cards, posters, Stickers, Calendars, Note pads, magnets, and a huge variety of wall art! 

9.     Crop Factor! Have you ever noticed when you order prints from
Wal-Mart, Costco or a similar location your photos are cropped or sometimes
missing an arm, person, etc? That’s because those printers are typically based
of the most “logical” crop and don’t actually look at the pictures before
adjusting the print crop. When you use a Professional Print lab through
Photography by Stacey Moss I work with your photo until the crop looks perfect.
Did you know the way a single picture looks from a 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20
look different? And those sizes are just examples. Make sure if you print
photos yourself you are checking the crop BEFORE submitting your order.

10. Personal Experience. When you work with me at
Photography by Stacey Moss for your prints you get a personal experience, the
best crop for the photos that I’ve taken, and you get to talk / work more with
me! And let’s face it, I’m pretty awesome. J

About Stacey Hansen

I'm a 30 something year old wife, mom, step mom, dog mom and photog! I'm passionate about capturing your memories in the moment and creating a unique client experience for all to love.