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Today’s Tuesday Ten post is a personal one! I was out of town this past weekend and totally unplugged for nearly 3 days. It was blissful. Running a business can be hard work and it seems that I’m always answering emails, texts, facebook messages, etc so this weekend was amazing. No service and just enjoying family and nature! I apologize if you tried to contact me, I was out having fun! Here’s a little more about our Trip and a little bit of picture overload!

{Photos compliments of myself and Andy’s Family!}

1. Mirror Lake – We headed up the Unita Mountains toward Mirror Lake. Andy’s sister Maria works for DNR and they have a cabin by mirror lake that we got to stay at. The area is beautiful! So many small lakes on both sides, lots of tall skinny trees. It was just peaceful.

2. Family – Andy’s Family does a annual camping trip every year. Each year we go somewhere new. We love camping and hanging out with family so we always look forward to these trips.

3. Crafts – We all were tasked with bringing 5 things for the kids to do. One of the crafts Angela brought was actually way more fun for the adults than the kids. I don’t think the kids even tried to make a Dream Catcher but all 4 adults (well females) made one. They were super fun, prob my favorite thing we did, I may have even made two. 🙂

4. Activities – Boy did the kids get spoiled! They had activity after activity to enjoy, plus just playing outdoors was enough to keep them occupied for hours. Some of the items they got to do were: Treasure Hunt, Scavenger Hunt, Fishing (for real), Fishing for prizes, touring around, making spinners, playing games, Face Painting, para-cord, and MORE!

5. The food. We always seem to eat better when we are camping than when we are at home. We enjoyed lots of dutch oven and some yummy camp fire treats. We made individual bags of Ice Cream, over the fire pop corn, over the fire Bread on a Stick and Friendship Fudge. Yummy!

6. Tenting it. Andy and I love camping and the outdoors. We’ve never been into trailers, campers, etc. We always bring our Tent and sleep in there. Even when it’s cold out (which it was) it still is a blast.

7. The Dogs. Oh boy, we had just as many dogs as kids camping. With our newest edition, Roxy, we have two dogs and Maria has two dogs. They actually all did so good. Max and Roxy did amazing! They both slept in the tent with us and stayed around camp on their own, no leashes. A few times they all had to bark and welcome some hikers through our area but for the most part they were pretty darn good dogs. Andy might be a little mad that I post some of these pictures but they were too funny not too!

8. Fishing – The family went Fishing Thursday evening before we got up there. It looked like fun! I grew up fishing with my dad and always loved that activity. The kids probably had more fun with the “Fishing” for prizes though. But still, all around a great time.

9. Family Picture. We did manage to get a family picture. It took a couple of tries and the kids LOVED making funny faces until we kept taking photos until we got a good one. I love this area. Though we are not in front of the actual Mirror Lake it’s a smaller and quieter lake right next door. Completely blissful area.

10. Ooops. Jordan’s Truck decided to die or just not start on Friday so Saturday they drove back down to Kamas to call a Tow Truck. At least that was the only break down the entire trip. Overall a great time, great people and amazing memories!


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