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I was sound asleep, snuggled in my bed at 2 am. My phone rang, I looked at the number and was unsure who was calling me. The next call was from a client that was due in 2 weeks. I quickly answered and they were in labor. I must have been out of it for the first call but I quickly realized why they were waking me up at 2 am. It was Delivery time for this birthstory I was scheduled to do! Her due date wasn’t until the last week of June so she was a few weeks early but her dulla had said she’d likely go ahead of schedule.

This gorgeous mom had decided with this birth she wanted to go natural and have a water birth. She’d always wanted to try this out but with their first two children there was not a facility close by so when they moved to Utah and found the Mermaid Birth House in Brigham City they decided to go for it.

She was at a 4 when they called me. We decided to give it 45 minutes to an hour and see how quick she was going and call me back. I headed over at 3:15 am. I have never photographed a natural birth like this so I was excited to witness such events, plus witnessing a birth is one of God’s miracles I always love to capture. The emotion of love, pain and life all in one is not something easily described.

Her progression slowed down after I arrived and I had to leave to head to work for an Audit so my backup, Shayna Larson, came over to step in for me. Shayna sees newborn deliveries daily (when she’s at work) as she works at Logan Regional Hospital in the Labor and Delivery Department. She’s been on maternity leave for a month or so as she just had a new baby in April.

Shayna was there just over an hour before they delivered. She said mom started progressing and went really fast at the end. Around 9 am a healthy baby boy was born.

This delivery had a very abnormal but neat feature in the umbilical cord called a true knot. I googled this term and the definition came back: “Umbilical cord knots occur in about one in every hundred pregnancies, but only one in 2,000 deliveries will have a true tight knot that could present problems for the baby.” A rare event to witness! Mom did amazing. Baby boy was beautiful. Natural births are very different than hospital births and it was a blessing to be involved in this miracle.

Congrats Ashley Family, He’s such a precious baby!
We are looking forward to your newborn session this week!


Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography Associate – Shayna Larson

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From the Photographer: Growing up in Cache Valley was awesome, and I’m still here so I guess that means I love it! I’m happily married to my best friend and love his little girl, Kira. Photography has always been a passion of mine and I continue to love every chance I get to preserve memories through my lens.

From the Blogger: I am a small town girl now living in Logan and loving it. I have an amazing husband and the sweetest little boy. I love to travel, dance and be outdoors but most of all I love spending time with my Family!

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