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Logan Utah and Cache Valley Newborn and Birth Story Photographer
I have decided the miracle of childbirth is a seriously amazing experience. This was my second birthstory in the same month and I was thrilled to be able to capture the delivery of a beautiful little girl. 
Danyel contacted me quite a few months ago and we arranged her Birthstory package. We took their maternity pictures at Willow Park last month. Their little boy, Bentley, was adorable. She was due the week after Memorial Day. I love how laid back Danyel was with everything. She made my job super easy! 
Thursday May 22nd. At about noon Danyel contacted me saying she was being induced that day and just wanted me to know. I was a little nervous at the time because she wasn’t due for a few days and I also had another newborn session scheduled that night. I worked it out to change the newborn session and I cleared up my schedule. Danyel headed to the hospital at about 2:15 in the afternoon. By about 5:30 she was only progressed to a 2+ so I headed home after work. I got home started editing pictures and keeping busy. I headed to the hospital about 8:50. Danyel had a group of family/friends and supporters in her room with her, all eagerly ready to meet the new little baby as I’m sure she and Tyler were. She was looking amazing when I got there. Baby’s arm was up by her head for a while there so they were a little worried they might have a slight issue with her shoulder/arm in delivery. By the time she progressed and was ready to deliver her arm had moved and all was well. Danyel did an amazing job pushing and delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl. She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz. 
The joy and experience of being in the Delivery room is just something else. I’ve been in both C-Sections and Vaginal Deliveries and they are both seriously amazing. I’m so blessed to have clients that trust me to join them on their journey. I was home that night by 11 pm. I went to visit them the next day to take some additional photos after they had gotten some rest. 
Congrats Goldsberry Family! She is perfect. 

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