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I am dying over all the playful and fun photos that Ashton captured of our family! We finally hired someone to do our photos and I am so glad we did! I didn’t have to edit them or try to get the camera set up and chase a 2 year old. By the way, if you haven’t met Kip he is just a BUSY BODY! I am loving all the fun photos and smiles she captured! Plus some personality and sobs too! Hansen Logan Utah Family Photographer

We met in Mendon Utah for this session. I let Ashton pick the spot and we headed there in the evening. Of course that day I ended up having an emergency ROOT CANAL so it was a rough start to the day. Anyone else have bad days on family photo days? No, just me?

Kip just wanted to run around and play but that’s his personality to a T right now. Kira did amazing! I was so impressed with her genuine smile and all the cute photos of her! She is normally somewhat grumpy and does her fake smile the entire time but not this time! Andy is always so helpful! He knows what I like and was fixing my hair and pose for me.

I don’t love photos of myself. I LOVE to be behind the camera capturing your family photos but I always tell my clients to just jump in and get photos. Your family and kids need to see them! Even if you don’t love how you look! So that’s what we did and I’m so thankful we did!

Hansen Logan Utah Family Photographer

Photographer: Ashton Bagley Photography | Location: Mendon Utah

Contact Stacey Hansen Photography to book your family session. We can help capture your extended family session,  family of 3 and anywhere in between! We have a price that will work for your budget! Pricing starts at $125 for a mini session and goes up to $250 or $425+ for larger groups! We capture your special moments, posed pictures and some fun photos in between.  We love different group photos, parents, kids, girls, boys, those silly shots and of course the canvas printed standard family photo that you will cherish forever! There is never a better time to book photos than NOW. Call us today! Don’t wait!

You can see more family pictures in our Family Gallery! 

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