Karson 12 Month Updates

Whew, Another month flew by! March came and gone and you officially hit 12 months! Karson grew it a grown up little man this month and we are so sad how fast time has gone by! Super cute kid and we love him so dang much! Karson 12 Month Updates

  • Having some stranger Danger with even people we know
  • Standing longer and longer by your self!
  • You started walking a few steps on your own and have been taking 3-4 steps until you realize you are walking and then you crouch back to the floor
  • Love to clap your hands and make noises
  • Following brother everywhere you can
  • Fed yourself Spaghetti and loved it!
  • More Whinny when your home with mom 🙁
  • Kira is a super great helper with you!
  • Brother likes to play rough
  • Love Snuggles at nap time
  • Want every food item you see, especially what we have to eat
  • Had a week of fevers, up to 105 F 🙁
  • Got a rash on your head, back, torso, etc.
  • Love grandma’s clam chowder
  • Moved to milk and doing so well!
  • Your smile warms our hearts!
  • First hair cut! Such a big boy
  • Grandma and Grandpa Hansen returned home

Karson 12 Month Updates

Karson 12 Month Updates

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography

Some favorite items we’ve used this past month: Baby Breeza, Ryan and Rose

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