Karson 4 Month Updates

Our little guy turned 4 months last week! Gosh, I can’t even believe it! So crazy he’s getting so big so fast! He has quite the handsome smile and the cutest little giggle. I just adore this kiddo! He’s got the most precious personality! I sure love this guy! Karson 4 Month Updates

Here’s some highlights from this last month:

  • Sleeping sooo good! Usually 9/10 pm to 6:30-8 am!
  • Drinking 4 oz to 6 oz of formula. You love to eat
  • You love your hands. Moving them around and sucking on them.
  • You also kick your so much! Kick your blanket and kick in your bouncer, etc!
  • Brother thinks you’re “so cute”
  • Tried lake water and loved it!
  • The biggest smiles ever! I adore your cute face
  • You love to giggle and laugh at so many things!
  • Celebrated your 1st 4th of July! You slept through the fireworks!
  • 4th of July mini sessions were so much fun and you smiled and posed great!
  • Boating in Bear Lake and at Hyrum Dam! I love your little swimming suites and hat!
  • We also went to the Logan Aquatic center for the first time and you loved the pool
  • You recently moved to size 2 diapers.
  • Spitting up quite a bit
  • 1st Funeral – Celebrating Great Grandma Hawkes
  • Smacking lips and drooling
  • New toys (hand me downs from Brother)
  • Lagoon Day with aunts and cousins and you were SO DANG GOOD!
  • 4 month Dr Appt! 14.8 lbs makes you 27% on weight, 23.5 inches makes you less than 1% in height, and 88% on head circumference. You got your immunizations and took them pretty well!

Karson 4 Month Updates

Karson 4 Month UpdatesKarson 4 Month Updates

Karson 4 Month Updates

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography

Some favorite items we’ve used this past month: Baby Breeza, Ryan and Rose

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