Kip 18 Month Updates

This kid is growing up way to fast. I sure enjoy all the big milestones but even more so the every day little things. I used to post weekly on him and it helped me keep everything in order and  can look back and remember what he did. Now, for the last 6 months trying to sum this up is going to be hard! Kip 18 Month Updates

Here’s just some details I want to remember about Kip and his 18 month updates:

  • Started Walking
  • We call you the Tornado – You are into everything!
  • Love eating go gurt lately
  • You say Cookie and it’s the cutest thing ever
  • Also, you say Popsicle
  • Trip to Hawaii with Mom
  • Halloween fun you were the mad scientist
  • Mom was out of town for a couple of weeks
  • Mom and dad went to Miami while you stayed with Aunt Shayna’s family
  • You sleep so good! Through the night. Bedtime is usually between 8 and 9 though sometimes you get off schedule. Since mom’s been home you sleep in until 8 or 9 usually
  • Mom’s been home since November and you have become such a mamma’s boy. Secretly I love it but it’s also difficult at times too.
  • You love to do whatever we are doing and we have gotten you your own snow shovel, broom and more to help with this.
  • You love playing in Roxy’s dog food and even eat it when we aren’t looking. It isn’t gross to you. You love playing with Roxy too.
  • Dad brought the slide into the living room and you love climbing up the stairs and going down the slide. Your controlling over who’s touching the slide too.
  • You learned to throw fits. You sit down, lay down, roll over and then look up and cry. It’s cute but will drive me nuts 🙂
  • You are tender hearted
  • You throw your head back and I feel the Terrible twos are going to start early
  • Being changed and clothed is still not a favorite of yours

Kip 18 Month Updates

  • You love your bath and could take more than one bath a day and be happy
  • You went snowmobiling with dad on our lot and loved it
  • When mom is on the computer you try to help and love using the key board
  • The camera is a favorite of yours. But you have to be behind it like mom
  • The phone. Oh the Phone. You love watching movies and sometimes games.
  • A little chair was given to you at Christmas and it’s a favorite of yours to sit in. Just like at Grandma’s house.
  • First hair cut back in November! You did so well.
  • Walking fast and nearly running is your main way of movement these days
  • Toddler time has been fun at Lashars
  • Sounds you know and say: Cow, Kitty Cat, Truck, Jeep, Dinosour
  • Body parts you know: Nose, tongue, arm, fingers, toes, foot, head, hair, eyes
  • You love to snuggle on mom’s pillow
  • Hide and seek is a favorite. You play with grandma hawkes all the time. Hiding in the curtains is your favorite.
  • Ice cream – Oh ice cream is a food you could eat all the time
  • Bottle was taken away end of December and you did so well. No fits. You still say baba but you mean milk and take sippy cups with ease.
  • Swim lessons this summer and you did so well! Full head dunks and all.
  • Jumping on the tramp is a favorite too
  • Hansen Camping trip to Fish Haven Idaho
  • You love the stroller and going for rides
  • The blue Jeep walker is also a favorite!
  • Lake Powell trip with Dad, Mom, sister and Roxy

Kip 18 Month Updates

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography | Shirt: Childrens Place | Hat: Cash and Co 

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