The Tuesday Ten | Changes for 2015

Here’s to a new beginning in 2015! We at Photography by Stacey Moss were overwhelmed with gratitude for the number of clients and sessions we had in 2014. I met some seriously INCREDIBLE people whom we will be friends with for many, many more years to come. I was nearly booked non stop ALL YEAR LONG!

I’ve known for many months I was going to make some changes for 2015. I’ve been somewhat dreading compiling the list of those changes. I’m not against change but I know many of my clients might be, especially those of price increases. I have learned a valuable lesson in 2014 though. I spend so much time working at Hycomp and with my Photography business either capturing moments/memories or editing, blogging etc that I took for granted what I had in my personal and home life… A family and a home to attend to. Not that I don’t LOVE having so many clients and being so busy, but I also missed having more time at home and being with the ones I love. One night this past Christmas / Holiday season I was sitting at home after a full day of work and I just spent the entire evening with Andy and Kira. We visited some neighbors, make cocoa, snuggled in front of the fireplace and watched The Santa Claus. It’s moments like that I wish I had more off but throughout the entire year. That sparked some of the changes coming this year in 2015.
So with no more excuses and reasons why, here’s this weeks Tuesday Ten – Changes for 2015
1. Price Increases

Yup. I’ll just get it over with! Price increases will be in effect as of 1/1/15 on all sessions NOT FULLY PAID FOR. Prices are as follows:

Mini Session Price $75
Full Session Price $150
Newborn Session Price $185
Wedding Prices are also going up:
Package 1 – $1075
Package 2 – $785
Package 3 – $575

*Take advantage of 2014 Prices on our Square Account and use code 2014SALE to save 20% off any session (except weddings) when you pay in full before 1 am on New Years Day 1/1/15.

2014 Prices are:

2. Schedule Limits

One big change will be my availability and scheduling. As stated above, I am hoping to be home more this year. I have a second photographer that will take over some of my sessions for me and who is brilliant and amazing just like I am. 🙂 I will continue to edit all the sessions with my style but a second photographer may be scheduled. If you prefer to have myself as your photographer make sure you state that when booking your session.

I also am NOT going to be doing more than 1 wedding a week. In September I had 3 weddings in 3 days. It was insane. I loved it but was SUPER stressed during that time so I’ve learned I need to pull back on scheduling that many weddings in a row.

3. Cache Valley Photographers Group

I have been apart of the Cache Valley Photographers club for just over a year and a half. I don’t get the opportunity to attend all their events and meetings because they are Wednesdays which is hard on my schedule. But I’ve volunteered to help out at with some of their Secretary/Membership responsibilities. I’m excited to commit to learning more, socializing with other photographers and helping out a great group of people. The CV PAC is an awesome opportunity for me to help grow and get better as a photographer. One I’m happy to take.

4. Wedding Gifts

I’m SO excited to be providing wedding gifts to all my 2015 Brides. (Some exclusions apply). I can’t wait to share some sneak peeks with you. Here’s a little more info, but actual sneak peeks will be coming up!

5. Deposits

Deposits will remain at $25 for both mini and standard sessions. I really debated on changing the amount of deposits but I decided $25 is a good base number for both sessions. All Deposits are still subject to 6.6% Tax as well, which I have not been enforcing. A deposit is required for any session. $250 deposit is required for weddings. The big change is I am truly going to enforce requiring a deposit as well as charging TAX on deposits.

6. The Tuesday Ten Blog Posts

I have LOVED this years Tuesday Ten Blog posts I started in June. I believe I’ve only missed two posts which is actually pretty amazing. This year I already have the schedule for Tuesday Ten Posts out nearly 2 months with guest bloggers at least 2 times a month (for now). I’m super excited about hearing from some local people and what their life entitles or business can provide. BUT I’m also excited to continue some photography related posts as well as personal posts. Here are a few of my Favorite Tuesday Ten Posts from 2014

7. Mini Sessions
Last year I was super excited to offer 4 mini sessions. This year I’ll be doing something similar. You can purchase a MINI SESSION PACKAGE which includes 5 mini sessions which are: Valentine’s, Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas. The package deal is $100 which is buying 4 getting one free as they are all $25. Contact me to learn more about those details!

8. Contact Info

This past year I had a few minor glitches with contacting clients. I’ll now require an email and phone number to book a session with me. I will still take clients from Facebook but will ask for phone number and emails as well. This will help both of us.

9. Work Flow

I think over the past 6 months I’ve made some MAJOR headway on my workflow. I love using LightRoom and feel very comfortable with my post processing work flow. I know have presets I use for every session and am determined to make my clients galleries more consistent.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all your photos will look similar in style and editing type.

10. Insurance

If you are a fellow photographer, you are probably reading this thinking “She doesn’t have insurance?” As Photography by Stacey Moss has turned from a hobby into a business we are trying to quickly stay up to date, follow policies, and practices… this includes insurance. It might not mean much to my clients but it means a lot to me.

11. Referral Program

I decided to add one more change. I implemented my referral program last year and want to use it more! I’ll be randomly posting ways clients can earn extra points by playing in fun games, commenting on posts, etc. Watch for them!

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I'm a 30 something year old wife, mom, step mom, dog mom and photog! I'm passionate about capturing your memories in the moment and creating a unique client experience for all to love.

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  1. They Stacey I am a beginner photographer I live in a small down in Nebraska I am 23 and I would I’ll love to chit chat on how you got things started your website is so creative I don’t have to much experience with things just yet but I love taking pictures and I have a little portfolio started i have a little one 8 months old and he’s definitely my model I would love to learn so much more as I go through this journey just things on how you got started the kind of pricing you started out with how you started your website if you interested in helping me please please reach out !(: please email me if your interested

    1. Hey Lady! Sorry I’m just seeing this! I would love to share more. I think pricing really depends on the area you are in, what you value yourself as and what you can afford. I started out small and then worked my way up to where I am now. And then every year I still increase. So depending on the area you are in might dictate what you can charge but also don’t forget to value yourself! My website I started was a free site on Wix for many years. I moved to WordPress after I self taught how to use it and have loved it! Occasionally, I do hire out someone to help out with my website because that’s not my forte! Best of luck girl!

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