The Tuesday Ten | Top 10 Photos from 2014

This weeks edition of The Tuesday 10 is another recap of 2014. However, This time it’s my top 10 favorite photos/sessions from this past year. It was SO HARD to pick these photos. I had roughly 196 folders to go through so I had to pick my favorites based off my memory and a few other things I was looking for. 1. I try to pick photos that were meaningful to me in some way or another. It might have been that I put extra work into this session, had new equipment, tried a new style, went somewhere new, etc. 2. I also try to pick photos that are not my normal all time portrait photographs. 
I’m hoping that you enjoy this years top 10 and a few notes/comments about each one. These are in no particular order. 
1. Andrews, Texas. Ah – the 18 hour car drive there an 19 hour car drive back. The memories I shared with my sister, nephew and mom on the road trip were amazing. I saw my niece for the first time ever and I was able to spend time with my sister’s family at their house for the first time in 2 years. Words can’t explain the gratitude I have for memories like those. This picture represents a little of that trip. Everywhere you look in Andrews, and the surrounding areas, you’ll find Pump Jacks and water towers. Though I am very fond of my Mountains in here Utah, I recall a few beautiful moments of this small Texas town. Those of which are pictured below. 

2. A passion for Dance. This one is a keeper. I have been involved in dance for 28 years. Being a dancer myself and having a very fond passion for this sport kept it on my mind even after I stopped teaching two years ago. I finally missed it enough I had to do a photo shoot with dance somehow. That’s when this session came to life. Using the Old Logan Coach Building and Talia as my subject I am thrilled with the results. A flexible and amazing young lady sure helps make this photo one of awe. 
3. Sometimes family sessions are just amazing. Other times they are funny and awkward. This family session was a little of EVERYTHING. This little guy was sure giving me his best glare. He was not having his photo taken and that was it. I love how this set of photos looks together. Though he is normally a really happy kid I can’t help but LOVE this one.
4. Newborns are one of my favorite sessions. With the edition of new lighting in the studio this year I’m better able to capture newborns or any other subjects in the studio. This is one of the first sessions I had in the studio with the new lights! I am LOVING my Alien Bee light. I highly recommend it for anyone that has an indoor studio. I’ve taken it on location a few times and with the edition of the battery pack I bought it’s a perfect travel light, except I might need to buy a new soft box to tote around. My 60″ is quite large and awkward but man, I LOVE it! 

5. The Pin Up Model session. OMG. I had a blast with this group and am SO lucky to have amazing help from Heather at HMmakeover, Jade at Beyoutiful, Andy with set up and shop, Brent Hansen with the ’55 Bel Air, and the two models Tera and Angie. (And Aaron Gibbons for the Harley) I learned so much from this session but I had a blast at the same time. I can’t wait for another car session and have so many ideas to do with it, I’ll have a hard time to decide where to start. Watch this coming year for an awesome car/motorcycle shoot! It’ll be in the works coming up. 
6. This twin newborn session was awesome and a first. I was a little nervous but LOVED working with these two adorable babies. Baby A and Baby B were perfect. I am so happy with how well they posed together! It took a minute to get familiar with posing two little babies together but I can saw I think we nailed it! 
7. If you know me on a personal level, you know I love Jeeping. I’ve had my white Jeep wrangler for not quite 3 years now. We’ve been to Moab at least a couple of times a year and have been to Easter Jeep Safari every year since. This year we actually went on the runs with the group as the last couple we have just did our own thing and enjoyed window shopping at the vehicles and hanging out at the fairgrounds shopping through the vendors. This year I do have to say it was a blast. I captured this moment at Easter Jeep Safari in April. Hells Revenge is one of my favorite runs. I’m not sure I’d try this one with my jeep but I love to watch others! 
8. This one is another special session. It was the first model session I’d done and I loved putting it together. Stacey from Chartier Floral did an amazing job on the bouquet, the hair piece is from Meghan at Fierce & Free, and the dress is my sister Shayna’s. My mom helped me out on this session. Carmen was great to work with and I loved how this spring Bridal look turned out. 
9. Speaking of Bridal Sessions. I LOVED this one of Ally at Tony Grove. The vast green scenery makes her just pop in all white. She was asking for a grove of aspen trees and I think we found a little of that at Tony Grove. BUT – this one was my favorite from her session. I have it printed in a 16×20 in my studio. I just love the colors and Ally is a gorgeous bride. I wish I could have attended her wedding, however we were having fun in 100 degree weather at Disneyland. 

10. Another fun session in Moab Utah. These two and their engagement pictures were on the top of the slick rock on Hells Revenge. We met Stef and JT at a jeeping event last year in Colorado and have become good friends with them. We get to see and hang out with them at most of the jeeping events we go to as they work for Nemesis Industries. Actually, these were taken just moments before the photo above of the buggy at Easter Jeep Safari in April. 
We had some amazing sessions, trips, and experiences this year. Thanks so much to all our clients, family and friends. 
I hope your Christmas is a spectacular one. 
Happy Holidays from Photography by Stacey Moss. 

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