Prop Collection Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

I used to think I was obsessed about buying supplies for photography and maybe there is some truth to that. BUT! I firmly believe that providing options to clients for their session is key to my success! I have created a vast list of backdrops, headbands, stuffing, and props that I use for my sessions. and Finally, it’s combined into an easy to view list of what’s in the studio! so, Here’s my current prop collection! Prop Collection Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

While I was prepping for maternity leave this summer I had a few “to do” items on my list of agenda that I really wanted to complete before going back to work. One of those was my prop collection. I get asked fairly frequently what props I have and it clients need to bring props with them. So instead of replying to clients about all the options I wanted to have a PDF list or blog post about their options. Today, I have that list!

Here’s the current prop line up!

This does not include any new items as of Sept 2018. And it doesn’t actually show every brown crate that I own but overall it’s a great depiction of what you can use in the studio.  If you don’t see something on this list you know I’ve used before ASK! I may have access to it, it might be new, or I may have missed putting it on my prop collection layouts!

Also, this is just ONE photo of each prop. So keep that in mind. How I use props can vary and most can be used in more than one way! I love to be creative and switch up my sessions so not everyone is getting the same prop used in the same way. We like to be unique!

Why Props?

Props are so important for all those little people’s pictures. From holding newborns, to helping a 6 or 9 month old sit up, or helping a 1 year old that can’t quite walk or stand on their own they can make your session awesome! Enjoy some of our super neat and original props! We will be doing further blog posts on some of our favorite props and where we got them, who made them, how we use them, etc. So stay tuned! But for now, enjoy our prop collection!

Prop Collection Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

**Top Right bench on the below photo is not at the studio

**Bottom Middle bench on the below photo is not at the studio

**Bottom Left Train on the below photo is not at the studio

**Bottom Left bench on the below photo is not at the studio

**Bottom Left Teal Bucket and Bottom Right Pink Chair on the below photo are not at the studio

Here’s some new additions that we hadn’t added to this list! 

Prop Collection Newborn Photographer Logan Utah

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography |  Backgrounds and Fur Stuffing: Intuition Backgrounds

Studio Sessions are some of our FAVORITE!  In our Studio, we  control the lights, props, backdrops and even the temperature to an extent but we also offer in home newborn sessions! We have a full list of props and backdrops that we can travel with or you can come to us and have access to them all! There is an additional travel charge for in home sessions. In Home Sessions are also limited on Qty of props/backdrops we bring. Book your studio session to take full advantage of the props and supplies we have! Or go for the lifestyle look and we’ll come to you! Either way, we would LOVE to capture your newborn baby’s first professional photos.

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I'm a 30 something year old wife, mom, step mom, dog mom and photog! I'm passionate about capturing your memories in the moment and creating a unique client experience for all to love.