Maui Hawaii Hawkes Family Vacation

Kip and I had the opportunity to go with my mom and sisters family to Maui Hawaii on vacation. Who would turn down a vacation when the opportunity came up right? I used sky miles for our plane ticket on Delta and we were ready to head out.  We love HAWaII! Maui Hawaii Hawkes Family Vacation

This was a last minute trip for us. My mom and sister bought their tickets back in June. It’s my mom’s timeshare so they go every other year. Andy and I had decided not to go this year because we’d been on a lot of other vacations. Plus, we’ve been to Hawaii a lot. Well about two weeks before the trip, I was no longer working full time at Hycomp so the chance to go came back up. With no obligations and a free skymiles ticket I couldn’t say no. We headed to Maui on December 5 and spend 8 days there! Here’s some things we did. I love Maui. It will always be one of my top 5 places to visit.

  • Kip’s first plane ride was filled with stress and heartache. He did so good on the flight to Seattle where our layover was. It was about 7 pm when we flew out of there so I figured he would sleep most of the plane ride. 8 pm our time was almost bed time. NOPE. He slept all of 1 hour of the 6 hour flight. It wasn’t an easy flight. He was just off. Later, I found out he had 2 molars coming in so no wonder he was off.  However, the flights home were a breeze! He did pretty amazing as an 18 month old.
  • Kip had a fever and was a little grumpy for 3 days of our trip. Teething sucks. He had two molars poke through while we were in Hawaii. Poor kid. He did pretty good with that even though we were on vacation. Popcicles helped lots!
  • Played at the beach. Kip LOVED the sand. That includes eating it too! He wasn’t too sure of the water but watching him back himself down the sand to the water was the cutest thing! It’s like he was heading down the stairs, but man he was fast!
  • Playing at the pool. He was not a fan of the pool most likely because the water was cold. He loved to throw toys to cousins and run around the pool.
  • Maui Ocean Center was a hit. Shayna, Oakley, Kip and myself went there one day and it was so much fun. Though I thought it was bigger but it was still fun. Kip loved trying to touch all the things.
  • We have a tradition of watching the sunset while eating pizza on the beach the last full night we are there. It’s been a fun tradition and we continued it this trip! Then headed to the pool. Kip actually WANTED to get it. Way before I had him in his suit. He hadn’t wanted to go swimming so I was in no rush to put his swim suit on. Guess he finally warmed up to the pool the last day!
  • Our Hotel was just a easy place to hang out. Right on the beach, pool, drinking coffee in the morning and watching the waves, and more. Kip got to take his normal naps (normal for being on vacation) and I got to lay out and relax.
  • Lahaina is the perfect spot for shopping and eating and we spend a lot of time down there.  We also went to Whalers Village to look around one day. Maui has some new roads so we drove around and checked things out. It was just a relaxing trip!

Maui Hawaii – You don’t disappoint. I know I’ve been more than 10  times but just being able to hang out on the beach is worth a trip. 🙂 Here’s photos in no particular order! These are from both cell phone and my “Nice” camera.

Maui Hawaii Hawkes Family Vacation

      Maui Hawaii Hawkes Family Vacation

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography | Maui Hawaii

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