Maui Hawaii Vacation

We are so blessed to have just taken a week off and headed to the beautiful and tropical island of Maui. I love this place. It’s one of my favorite places on the planet, though there are many many places I haven’t seen yet. However, Maui isn’t one of them! We have been to Maui many times and we still enjoy the relaxing vacation every time we go! Maui Hawaii Vacation

Every vacation to Maui is different and this one was unique for sure! All the trips we’ve taken we’ve never had so much rain and clouds! Maui Rain can be like a mist and pass super fast. However, most of the days the rain just stayed and down poured pretty good. It made going on excursions a little difficult but hey, it’s still Maui!

This trip was with my parents, my Brother in law and sister, their two kids Oakley & Collin, as well as Andy, Kira and myself.

Here’s what we did on our Maui Hawaii Vacation:

Travel day  – We woke up at the crack of dawn (like 5:30) to hop in the car and head to the airport. We flew out the Sunday after Thanksgiving and oh boy was the bag and security lines LONG. We were afraid we’d miss our flight to Seattle. But, we made it just barely! The layover in Seattle was short and the flight to Maui was long. 🙂 Kira watched at least 3 movies, same with Andy. I read a book, edited photos and tried to take a nap.

Day 1 – We spent the day at the pool which of course the kids loved! We also went driving around to see some sites. It was pretty windy but didn’t rain much this day. We went to the Blow Hole on the north end of Maui. We also went to this cool lava formation called Dragon’s Teeth. We were all fast asleep and then… the fire alarm went off for at least 5 minutes. It woke us all up and we were all ready to evacuate. However, we didn’t have too.

Day 2 – We rented snorkel equipment and drove to South Maui. Andy, Kira and I stopped at our favorite Taco Truck for lunch. Yummy! We got to see sea turtles while snorkeling and Kira did Amazing! Collin loved it and would get super excited when he saw something under the water! The colors of the fish and sea urchins were spectacular. We also built sand castles on the shore. Sand fights with Andy, Shayna and I if you can believe it! We ate dinner at a Local Hole in the wall place.

Day 3 – What a sunny and gorgeous day! We took full advantage of the sun and headed to a new beach. We went to Mays Beach and Black Rock Beach. Andy and I took the two older kids with us. Swimming, snorkeling, playing in the sand, getting pounded with waves and so much fun. We also played cards later and Kira did some homework. We headed to Lahaina for dinner at Bubba Gumps!

Day 4 – The guys went scuba diving. They took a class at the hotel and did a practice drive in the pool. They then headed to another beach to dive. They saw and held an octopus among other fish, sea urchins and turtles. The girls and kids stayed at the pool all day. Kira and Collin loved it. We played ping pong that night and had a mini tournament. We also played phooseball, wow that took us back! My parents have a table in their basement we used to play all the time.

Day 5- We spend most of the day at the pool and laying out again. We headed to Lahaina for lunch at Cheese Burger in Paradise. Then we all headed to Baby Beach to play in the ocean and sand. And of course back to the pool at the hotel.

Day 6 – Road to Hana Day. It was super rainy but we still decided to venture out and see some of the island. Water falls were so full with all the rain. A huge tree fell down on our way out and we had to help remove it enough from the road to get by! We got naps in as well as played cards.

Day 7 – Last full day of vacation! We laid out at the pool to soak up some more sun before heading back to Utah! We went shopping, to the beach and saw tons of turtles! We killed time before heading to the airport for our 9:30 pm flight. Kira slept the entire time, thank heavens! I slept a little. Andy was awake all night watching movies.

Day 8 – We landed in Seattle at about 5 am. With a 2 hour layover we got some breakfast coffee and relaxed. The flight to Salt Lake wasn’t too bad. Andy and I slept a little while Kira watched a movie. When we landed in Salt lake it was super COLD! With flip flops on I was a bit chilly. On our way home we took a slight detour to avoid the motorcade from the President landing and heading to the Capitol Building. We got home at about 1 pm. Unpacked, Started laundry and took naps!

What a wonderful Maui Hawaii Vacation and opportunity we had. We are so thankful for our blessings and for my parents taking us to Hawaii. They’ve owned this time share for 18 years almost. My family loves Maui – though I think we’ve done almost everything there is to do on the small island! We still go back though!

This might be a little photo overload but it’s mostly for me to remember our vacation! Sorry! It’s just a photo dump in no particular order too.

Maui Hawaii Vacation


Maui Hawaii Vacation | Personal Post

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Maui Hawaii Vacation

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