Senneth Hawkes Funeral

It was a beautiful day for a simple and perfect graveside service for my Grandma Hawkes. It was filled with memories and thoughts about her and her unique quirks, style and charm. She would be proud to see her kids all together and so many grandkids and great grandkids. Senneth Hawkes Funeral

My cousin Ali gave a beautiful life poem she wrote that was touching, sentimental and humorous as well. Music, life sketch and poems so fitting for her. Grandma, you’ll be missed!

I loved getting to see so many cousins and Aunts / Uncles. Not the best circumstances but good to celebrate Grandma’s life together.

Here’s what I wrote about my grandma on Facebook: Today, a wonderful lady and grandma passed away. My Grandma Hawkes was full of charisma, smiles, and a unique personality and perspective on life. I’m so glad my boys both got to meet her. We didn’t see her often or visit nearly enough but it was so fun to see her and Kip snuggle and her adore Karson. She said to me, “Stacey, boy he’s a heavy one” when she met Karson and held him for the first time. And compared to Kip he definitely is. ūü§£ Kip loved going to visit with my dad over to the assisted living center. She always would call and thank me for the Christmas cards I sent her and would leave me a message on my voicemail just to say hi and she was worried or thinking about me. I always loved her unique style and the way she loved her hats, scarves, colored makeup and clothing. Some of my favorite memories with her are just the simple ones like kissing her goodbye on random visits, her lectures on life or kids playing too loud/rowdy or her smiles.

Senneth Hawkes Funeral

Senneth Hawkes Funeral Senneth Hawkes Funeral

Senneth Hawkes Funeral

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography | Location: Logan Utah

Funeral Home: Rudd Funeral Home | Obituary 

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