The Tuesday Ten | Halloween Edition

The Tuesday Ten – Halloween Style
This post is more or less just for FUN! This week we celebrate Halloween so I thought it would be fun to share some facts about Halloween, some of my favorite activities for Oct and some past costumes I’ve dressed up as. 
1. What is the Meaning of Halloween?   
There are several traditions attached to the word Halloween. Actually the concept of celebrating Halloween dates back several centuries and to a time and age when the Celts prospered. Halloween started with the Celtic festival of harvest. Several of the traditions that are celebrated during Halloween are identical to the ancient Celtic festival. Many people must wonder what does the name Halloween mean actually, and it seems like a word that has originated from nowhere.
The word Halloween actually comes from the phrase All Hallows Eve. It is also called the evening of Hallows Day. In old English, Hallow meant holy. Hallows Day was considered as another popular name for All Saints Day, which is today celebrated by Catholics to honor the dead and the patron saints. On this day all the saints are respected and their sacrifices are remembered. People typically attend mass for these patron saints in the church.
2. One of my favorite things to do at Halloween is make sugar cookies. I know you can really make them any day of the year but decorating pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and Frankenstein is kinda fun! Plus they are YUMMY!
3. Haunted Houses – Yup a true Halloween festivity. I haven’t been this year but I still love them!
4. Carving Pumpkins – Most families do this yearly, and we are typically the same. We carved pumpkins a week or so ago and I loved it. i carved an Owl into my pumpkin while Kira had dad do a cat and then he did a ghost for himself. If you carved pumpkins post your pumpkins picture on my Facebook page or tag me on instagram to get 5 referral points! 
5. Trick or Treating. Did you know trick or treating has been going on for nearly 100 years or more! 
6. The Pumpkin Walk – if you are from Cache Valley or live in the area you are familiar with the Pumpkin Walk. I always admire looking at the work displayed there as they are much more creative and talented than me! 
7. Corn Maze! A super fun date night or family night activity to find your way through the corn. I didn’t make it out this year but I hope some of you got to enjoy this activity while it was the season
8. Hay rides – This one is fun too. We helped a friend last weekend with her Son’s Birthday party. Grandpa took the kids (16 years old and teenagers) on a hay ride while a few adults hid in dressed up costumes. Andy and I had a lot of fun and got to scare them pretty good. 
9. This was my first year doing Halloween Mini Sessions and I loved it! I have new ideas for next year and I can’t wait to see more kids dressed up in their super cute and some scary costumes. Take a sneak peak below… I had one more session this week so watch for their sneak peak on Halloween!
10. Halloween Luncheon. I’ve worked at Hycomp for 10-1/2 years and every year we go to lunch on Halloween, but only if you dress up! here are a few of my favorite costumes we did at Hycomp as well as some group shots. I love that adults can get into this holiday too!

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