The Tuesday Ten | Looking up to Mom’s

Mother’s day is this weekend. It always creeps up on me and I never know what to get my mom or my sisters. I hope I don’t always wait until Mother’s Day to admire and show appreciation for the mothers in my life. Hopefully, I show them I care year round or a few times a year. BUT Mother’s Day is especially important because we celebrate all moms. Here’s some of the mom’s I’ve worked with and/or have influenced my life and why I look up to them. (They are in no particular order)
Enjoy today’s Tuesday 10!

1. Kacey Tanner – Kacey is just gorgeous. She has an adorable little one year old who is seriously fun, happy and full of personality. I choose Kacey for many reasons. She’s an amazing client, but she’s also become a really amazing friend. I was thrilled to photograph her and Matt’s wedding last Septemeber and I had a blast at Lake Powell with them. But She is just an amazing mom. I love she has for Tes radiates and I just adore the way she looks at her daughter.

2. Angie Duncombe – Another amazing woman. Angie and I have become great friends and she is always so good to me. Kira adores their kids and looks up to Lexie so much. Angie is amazing to her kids and to Kira. She’s just all around a spectacular mom. She always has some awesome things planned for her kids. Like making chocolate covered strawberries for valentines day, swimming birthday parties, and more. They are moving this summer and I’m not too excited for that day to finally come around. Best of luck to them, I’m sure they’re new home and city will treat them well.

3. Stephanie Strawn – Oh this lady is a miracle worker. I met Steph through Relay for Life nearly 4 years ago. At the time she was the Relay for Life Co-Chair. The following two years she was the Event Chair. She also runs a preschool and goes to the gym 3 times a week at 5:30 am. For me that’s huge, cause I can’t hardly wake up at 7 am let alone 5. She can work wonders, her students look up to her and she is seriously one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. We hadn’t seen each other in a while at the last Relay for Life Meeting and we just sat and talked like great friends catching up on life. That is one thing I’m truly grateful I got out of Relay, amazing people and friends in my life. Stephanie is defiantly one of those. On top of all of that she is a mom to these three cute kids. She does so much for their family and her kids are just adorable.

4. Shayna Larson – Oh What to say about this girl. She’s my younger sister and she is the cutest mom. Collin just adores her and I have to say he’s a pretty adorable little boy too! Him and Kira are super good friends and he’s always excited to see me. I can imagine how happy it makes Shayna to have Collin be that excited to see his mom. She works in the Labor and Delivery at the hospital and gets to witness childbirth every day. She’s super crafty and is helping me out as a second photographer with weddings. She does the cutest things with Collin and is always making sure he’s enjoying life, having fun and being a good kid. She gets to stay home with him most days and I think he is truly blessed to have his mom around and to have her as his mom.

5. Kristina Johnson – Another miracle working and amazing lady. I also met Kristina through Relay for Life. She was the Co-Chair the last two years and this year is the Event Lead/Chair. She works full time, raises this adorable little girl and volunteers so much of her time to Relay for Life. Those people I met through Relay for Life can accomplish some of the most amazing things. Kristina is a beautiful and fun lady. I’m so happy to have her as a friend.

6. Stephanie Atkinson – I can’t even begin to tell you what this lady can accomplish and do. She has 5 kids – These are just her girls. She has two rowdy boys as well. Her kids are all blessed with her presence. She’s an awesome mom and puts up with 3 kids at home while the older two are in school. Her kids are adorable too. Look at how happy they are and their smiles. Steph just moved back from Texas in the Fall which was a task within itself. I can’t imagine moving a family of 7 from Texas to Utah. She is fun and I love our play dates. Kira LOVES to play with all of her kids. She loves Jaycie, had a secret crush on Dylan for a while. She likes to play with Steven but he’s a little rough for her sometimes. She adores Taylie and she’s just sorta getting into the baby. Kira is always asking if we can go to the jump zone with TayTay again.

7. Angela Hawkes – This lady is an awesome mother. She has 3 adorable kids ranging from 6 years to just a few months. She is the best aunt for Kira and treats us all so well. Her kids Love her so much when we have sleep overs they are always asking for their mom. Angela and Jordan just moved about a month after having their newest. They have their hands full that’s for sure. Angela is crafty and is always making some fun knitted, crocheted items. She’s an amazing cook too! She’s been so welcoming into their family as I’ve been dating Andy. Soon, we’ll officially be Sisters.

8. This lady is beautiful and one of the nicest moms I’ve met. She has 4 kids and just added 3 more to their family last summer and she and John were married. She’s a preschool teacher and everything I can see her kids love her. Plus, her preschool is adorable. I haven’t got to see her often but I love our quick text messages and messenger sessions just checking in on each other. We used to see each other around Christmas time but the past few years I’ve been seeing her more and more and I love it. I’m so blessed to have this lady as my sister. 

9. Andrea Carlisle – Oh this lady has 3 beautiful little girls. I met Andrea last summer when I took her youngest daughter’s newborns. Then we’ve been meeting up every 3 months for a first year session. Her girls are just darling and they love their mom. Andrea has been the Mountain Crest Caprielle Coach for the last few years and she’s in the Air Force. With all her duties she still makes time for her girls and I love watching her posts on Facebook.

10. Julie Hansen – My Future Mother-in-Law. Though I feel like she’s been my mother in law for a few years this Fall it becomes official. She’s been the most welcoming into the Hansen Family. I just adore her. We catch and catch up on Sundays or evenings when we are over there. She’s so supportive of Andy and I regardless of being married or not. She is seriously an amazing mom to her 3 kids. Andy, Maria and Angela are so blessed to have her in their lives. I enjoyed our week long vacation to Alaska in one truck with 6 people. And our trip to New York to see them on their mission. Kira just loves grandma Hansen and is always looking forward to going to their house.

11. MacKenzie Losee – Another awesome client and previous co-worker. I worked with her at Hycomp for years and years. Her little girl Spencer is the cutest thing. She loves her mom. And MaKenzie is such a good influence in her daughters life and I love watching them interact. 

12. Carol Hawkes – I had to save the best one for last. Which is my mom. It was actually pretty hard to find a picture of my mom with her daughters. Apparently we don’t take enough pictures of all of us. Which I guess makes sense because my mom hates having her picture taken, lol. Oh where in the world would I be without my mom? Let’s be honest here, I haven’t always been the best angel and I’ve been known to cause stress, be wild and not follow the rules. BUT my mom reins me in every time. She is my support group, my biggest fan and my best friend. She’s there to comfort me when I need it, Celebrate my accomplishments, encourage me to do the right thing and laugh with me often. We have some fun inside jokes and I just love that we can be silly and laugh till we cry. We love shopping, supporting Relay for Life, BBQing, Playing games and our Sons of Anarchy. I love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mom’s out there!

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