The Tuesday Ten | What to Wear for Pictures

Today’s Tuesday Ten post is actually a pretty common topic that I hear about. “What to wear for family pictures?” I get asked this question a lot! I actually wrote this post a year or so ago but decided I get enough questions I’d refresh the post and use it again! 

**Though these are my opinions and what you wear will defiantly contribute to how well your pictures turn out, keep in mind there IS NOT a perfect answer to that common question. A lot of it comes down to price of new outfits, time to buy them and your individual preference. 
The Tuesday Ten – What to wear for Pictures
1.    Feel Comfortable! If you don’t feel comfortable the camera and your photos will show it! You need to wear what you like and what you feel makes you look good. If you don’t like your arms, cover them up with a long sleeve or ¾ sleeve shirt. If you don’t want to draw attention to your bottom or hips wear a long jacket. The most important aspect about your clothing is that you feel comfortable! 
2.    Show your style! Another seriously important part of your pictures is to show off your style. If you are a layering type of person make sure to bring that into your outfit. If you like to accessorize, do it! Wear a scarf, belt, jewelry. If you are a shoe fanatic wear something that shows it! Those things are what make your personality pop in your pictures. And you’ll look back and can remember your style, your personality all by your clothes. The photo below is my sister’s family… And I totally LOVE their style. Grey’s, Yellow, Creams, and Blues. Totally dig it! 

3.    Picking Colors: Use a “foundation color” and then select a few colors that will accent well. For example Gray or black are great foundation colors and then you can add some hints of yellow, and gray or turquoise and coral.

4.    Try to AVOID the following: Logos, and a lot of patterns particularly horizontal stripes. Some patterns are ok! I usually say to include at least one or two patterns if you are going to use them and then we’ll spread those individuals out in the photo so they are no clashing. 

5.    Darker Colors are more slimming: If you can stick to a darker color or at least include one darker color in your color scheme it will help make you look slimmer. Obviously, Blacks are the best! But Navy or grey can be great colors too! 
6.    Equal: Make sure all outfits in your family or color scheme are given equal visual weight with the use of patterns and colors. For example, don’t have one person in bright blue and everyone else in a dull color. Keep everyone on the same playing field to attract the eye. Like mentioned above, we’ll place everyone to make you as equal as possible in your pictures. 

7.    Shirt Choices: Ok I’ll be honest. When a client shows up with a shirt that includes Logos I’m not 100% in love with their choice. However, if it works for them that’s great! I recommend avoiding distracting prints or logos on T-shirts for pictures. It keeps the eyes focused on your face rather than your T-Shirt. BUT, remember… these are your PHOTOs. So Really, what ever you decide to wear ROCK it and make it work for you. 
8.    Pay attention to the details: Ok, so I like taking pictures of the details, so don’t wait till the last minute to find the perfect jewelry or bow. Make sure to do your nails so they look like you want them to look. The small details will make a difference in some of your close up pictures!

9.    Weather Weary: Dress for the season and for the weather. You never know when the weather in Utah will change so be a little prepared and have an option if it’s colder out than you expected. You also don’t want to wear white in winter for example.
10. Location: Be aware of what location you are going to and what colors are going to work well/ For example, If you are using a wall that is grey you don’t want to be dressed in all grey. Ask your photographer what colors go well with the location or for examples. If you’ve never seen the location before DON’T be afraid to ask for an example of the location or what colors will work well. I always love to give advice, and I wont be offended if you choose to use something else! 

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