Walton Newborn Boy Cache Valley Photographer

This little guy! So adorable and he actually posed so so well! I had so much fun with his session! I love being a Newborn Boy Cache Valley Photographer!

Mom and Dad contacted me and I’m so happy we were able to fit these guys in last-minute! Handsome little man was just about 17 days. I typically try to do newborn photos from 4 days to 14 days so he was a little over that time frame. However, he rocked it!

Dad left to take their other kids out for breakfast while Mom, Baby and I did the shoot. I also had a very good friend of mine, Michelle, there to help as needed! Michelle was awesome to have with us and I loved being able to share my love for newborn photos with her and have her help me out.

Mom was so nice to talk to! We chatted about their pregnancy, delivery, kids, and more. I always love that connection I can make with my clients during their session. It makes it more personable for me and I thoroughly enjoy getting to know them.

Little guy was awake for our first pose. Once we were done with that, Mom decided to feed him again and see if that would make him sleepy. The milk did the trick! That and maybe the help of one of my newest tools! I purchased the Shhher back in April after the workshop I attended. I think with this little guy it helped so so much! Some babies it doesn’t make a difference but I honestly believe this guy slept better with it on! Woah, we got some awesome sleeping shots once he was done eating! I love the white set up with the little blanket pulled over him. I think that’s my new favorite!

We also did a couple of prop poses and he did great!

Thanks so much Walton Family and Congrats! He is sure a handsome little man!

Newborn Boy Cache Valley Photographer

Newborn Boy Cache Valley Photographer – Session Info

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography |  Backgrounds: Intuition Backgrounds | Fabric Background: Roses and Ruffles

Studio Sessions are some of our FAVORITE!  In our Studio, we  control the lights, props, backdrops and even the temperature to an extent but we also offer in home newborn sessions! We have a full list of props and backdrops that we can travel with or you can come to us and have access to them all! There is an additional travel charge for in home sessions.

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