What to expect during Newborn Photos with Stacey Hansen Photography

So you’ve been wondering what happens during a newborn session with us, right? Well I get that question all the time! From those that are inquiring about booking newborns to those that have a session coming up and more. So here’s the facts and some information about What to expect during Newborn Photos with Stacey Hansen Photography.

Newborn Session Details: 

Our newborn sessions are typically 1 to 2 hours (Mini Sessions are only 30 minutes). During that time we will do a variety of poses, props, wraps, etc. We love to include requests from our clients so if you have any please make sure to send them to us BEFORE hand! A typical two hour newborn session can range from just a few poses to quite a few. Clients need to BE PATIENT! We really try to get 3 or 4 poses/props in for every session. However, please keep in mind every newborn session is different and every baby reacts differently to photos and poses. We try our hardest to give you a wide variety!

Newborn sessions are unique in that they take more time and it is REALLY important to be relaxed, happy and stress free when doing them. Babies can feel their mom’s or dad’s stress so anything you can to do help be relaxed will be beneficial. I will be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. This will also include my clothing ( I may be in jeans or I may be in sweat pants). Babies have a keen sense of those around them so I want to try to create a very relaxed situation for them during their pictures, which includes me. I will also be handling your baby. I know some mom’s stress about others holding their new babies but for pictures I’d really love you to trust me and let me handle the posing, wrapping etc. You are welcome to be right by my side and if I need help I’ll let you know. I have been practicing and doing most of these poses for YEARS!

Tips and information for Great Newborn Sessions:

I prepare for each session differently.  If you have a theme or colors you want to use please make sure to tell me before hand so I can help prepare some of the props and backdrops. Each session really is different and unique. I will do everything in my power to ensure that baby and the parents are comfortable and we get the photos you want. I LOVE to be creative so if you are up for it and let me create your set ups I try to incorporate color, texture and poses! However, If you have specifics you want I’m happy to help capture those as well!

Prepping for your session:
  1. Send me a photo or two of your nursery. Include the theme, colors, etc. If you are looking at printing any photos for your nursery I want to help create a photograph that fits in well!
  2. The majority of pictures will work best if the baby is asleep so anything you can do in advance to encourage sleeping during the session is recommended.
  3. Bring the baby in an outfit that is very easy to remove. Onesies are not usually  easy to remove. A better choice is a sleeper outfit or something similar.
  4. Bring a Binky – Even if your baby doesn’t take a binky it’s helpful on picture day to have one if we need it!
  5. Feeding Breaks – most sessions will need a feeding break. Even if you just feed your baby, almost 100% of sessions need a feeding break. It’s ok to ask me to take a break and give the baby a chance to just relax. Sometimes I’ll offer it but if I don’t and you feel you need it PLEASE say something to me 🙂 Please remember to bring an extra bottle of breast milk or formula. If we are almost in a pose but the baby needs a small amount of milk it’s easier to bottle feed and keep them in the pose than starting over when possible. Make sure baby has a full belly right before the session. Also make sure they have been burped. Always bring more food (bottle, formula, or be prepared to breast feed if needed).
  6. A mother’s smell is so recognizable for the baby and is sometimes distracting to the baby that I may ask mom to leave the room for a period of time or to sit on our couch. This is not meant to hurt your feelings, but to allow me to get the baby sleeping sweet dreams instead of being distracted by thinking of where’s mom.
  7. Be Patient. Have I said that enough? Most poses can cake a few minutes or more to set up and get baby comfortable/asleep. A baby can sense your anxiety so calm down and keep as mellow as possible.
  8. When posing the baby I’ll sometimes keep mom or dad very close and often have you help hold baby or props. If you ever feel uncomfortable about a pose please let me know.
  9. Sibling and Parent pictures will always be at the end of the session. PLEASE PLEASE bring something for your kids to do during the session! Toys, Books, ipad, etc. When possible you are welcome to arrange a family member to bring your other kids to the session about 1 hour in so they are not bored or distracting. Also, keep mind Parent and Sibling Photos cost extra from my normal newborn session fee.
Background Options: 

We have a full list of background options on our website and are working on a current updated list! We will link the blog post here once it’s up! For now, when you inquire we’ll send you a list!

There you have it! Hopefully that’s helpful information on what to expect during your newborn photos with Stacey Hansen Photography!
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What to expect during Newborn Photos with Stacey Hansen Photography

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography |  Backgrounds and Fur Stuffing: Intuition Backgrounds

Studio Sessions are some of our FAVORITE!  In our Studio, we  control the lights, props, backdrops and even the temperature to an extent but we also offer in home newborn sessions! We have a full list of props and backdrops that we can travel with or you can come to us and have access to them all! There is an additional travel charge for in home sessions. In Home Sessions are also limited on Qty of props/backdrops we bring. Book your studio session to take full advantage of the props and supplies we have! Or go for the lifestyle look and we’ll come to you! Either way, we would LOVE to capture your newborn baby’s first professional photos.

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