Newborn and Kids Prop Sourcing

I am often asked “Where do you get these cute Props?” Well this blog post is all about my favorite prop vendors / sourcing locations and some info about my favorite props! Newborn and Kids Prop Sourcing

First of all, let me say this… I started my prop collection 8-1/2 years ago! I am a little obsessed with props and backdrops and have been adding to my collection every single year. My husband might say I have a buying problem and he wouldn’t necessarily be wrong.

Props do get expensive and take up space! It’s an expense that can add up fast! And space, it always an issue. I’ve gone through multiple versions of prop storage in the studio and my home and I still don’t have enough space. (My new studio will have a storage closet that’s 20 feet long! I can’t wait! It’s still a few years down the road but man it makes my heart happy!)

Newborn props: I always on the look out for props it seems. You see a basket at the store and I see all the many ways I can fit a newborn in it or a kid sitting or standing with in. It’s a curse some days, ha ha! I do like to get high quality props. In the beginning I would buy cheaper props because, let’s face it, I didn’t have a lot of money. However, I’d go through them fast or they wouldn’t quite work like I wanted so now I know to just wait until I can afford the actual props I want. Good design, heavy duty and safe for kids and newborns – those are my ideal props. Safety is always a top of mind topic for me.

Kids props: These aren’t that different than newborn props other than they have to have more flexibility because kids of all ages, height, weight and personalities must be able to use them. High quality and safety again. Again and Again!

Favorite Prop Vendors and Why:

Custom Made Props – I love my custom made props because they are unique to my studio. They were hand made with love specifically for me! I hired my dad to make some props originally quite a few years ago and since then he has been intrigued by new challenges and prop ideas I give him. He just can’t say no most of the time. ūüôā Custom props I have in the studio include our Moon, Airplane, Truck, Train, Curved Bench, Brown Bench,¬† and more. These are priceless and precious to me. Irreplaceable in most cases.

Prop Vendors – I have a few favorite prop vendors I’ve located and used. Some of these have been recommended by other Newborn and Children Photographers or recommended at Workshops I’ve attended.

Vendor List

      • Intuition Backgrounds – They don’t only have backgrounds they also have props! I have wraps, bowls, flokati rugs from Intuition! Most of my bowls I purchased from IB aren’t listed on their website any longer but I sure do love them!
      • Mr¬† and Mrs and Co – Another great prop and backdrop vendor! I own their Cake Stand Prop, Park Bench, Tent, Sleeping bag and more. I also own a few of their backdrops.
      • Amazon – I love finding good deals on Amazon. You can find SOOO many things on Amazon right? Why not props!
      • Hobby Lobby – I have a few of my chairs and stools I’ve found at Hobby Lobby. I love getting them when they are on sale or with a coupon. It’s worth it to wait if you don’t need them urgently!
      • TFJ Designs – I found my favorite beds on TFJ designs website! They are a newborn prop vendor and I’ve loved using this! I have 2 of their wood beds, their wire bed and their wagon.
      • Etsy – I also have props from various Etsy Prop Vendors. A log bed, Cake Stands, banners, and so much more!

Newborn and Kids Prop Sourcing | Logan Utah Photographer

Newborn and Kids Prop Sourcing | Logan Utah Photographer

Newborn and Kids Prop Sourcing | Logan Utah Photographer

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography | Backdrops: Intuition Backdrops 

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