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The Tuesday Ten 
Well here we are again. It’s that time of the year where
school has either started, or will be in the all to near future. Being an
educator I definitely feel the excitement of starting a new year, but of course
there is always that “man where did the summer go?” feeling. School starting
back up is inevitable, whether you want it to be or not. I thought that this
week would be a good week for a Back to School Tuesday Ten. Whether you have
kids going back to school, a spouse, or you yourself; enjoy these ten tips, and
good luck as you get back into school!

1. Establish a Bedtime 
I know that as a college student or a
parent you might be thinking “bed times” are only for children. But studies
show that establishing a sleep routine is quite beneficial for your body. If
you get in the routine of putting yourself or your kids to bed at the same time
every night you will sleep better and feel more rested when you awake in the
morning. And who doesn’t need to feel like they got enough sleep?! This year
try to set a firm time for Lights Out.
Organize Clothes
Starting school can be a stressful time for
everyone, so why not try and eliminate as much of that stress as possible?  Going through clothes will help to eliminate
clutter, as well as give you a better sense of what you do and do not need this
year. Kids grow like weeds. As a parent of an infant I have never understood
this more. When going through their clothes donate any that do not fit anymore,
and are not to worn. And then try to organize the rest into sections of what
they will be out of soon (whether to wear or sizing), what they fit into now,
and what they will fit into later. Then as you go throughout the year you can
file through the clothes and clear them out as they become unusable. As adults
we don’t have the growing up problem as much as we deal with the growing out
unfortunately. But you can still organize by wear and tear, and get rid of
clothes accordingly.
You may want to keep more than just a bowtie…

Establish a school zone
In your home you should establish a “zone”
where all of the school “stuff” goes when it’s not at school. Having a place that
the backpacks, papers, lunch bags, etc. go will eliminate clutter, and as
previously mentioned eliminate stress. And as a teacher you don’t need to keep
EVERYTHING your child brings home. Decide early what types of things you want
to keep, and then stick with that. I’ve had mommy friends suggest filling a
pizza box, and only keeping what will fit in there. Remember less clutter =
less stress

Set a Goal to Eat Healthy
This one is SOOOO hard for me. I feel like
the foods that are bad for you are so much easier to hurry and throw in a lunch
bag. Whether it’s for you or your kids you will feel better, have more energy,
and be more productive if you are eating healthy. One thing I’ve found that
helps is to meal prep the evening before. That way you don’t have the stress of
figuring it out in the morning, and if you are running late lunch is already
packed! On the adult side it’s easy to just grab some fast food, but let’s be
honest this can kill your budget so fast. Fast food is neither healthy nor
budget friendly, so this year try to find something that works for you, so that
you can have a more healthy budget friendly option. Good luck with this one!
Ask kids about concerns
This one is obviously directed to those of
you who are parents. The start of school is exciting, but can really bring on
anxiety. Take a few minutes to talk with each child individually about what
they are looking forward to, and what they might be worried about. Let them
know that you will be there to help them. By having this conversation you can
help them work through worries before school starts, and clear up anything that
could have potentially set the year off with a bumpy start. As an adult
starting school don’t be afraid to talk with a spouse or friend about your
worries. Likewise don’t be afraid to talk about your worries for your children.

Don’t be afraid to go in-depth on your
schedule. If you don’t have a schedule you will go to bed thinking, “Where did
my night go?” Things like chores or family time will end up on the wayside. By
establishing a schedule the whole family will be on the same page (or so you
hope), and expectations will be set for each individual family member.
Family Time
Speaking of schedule… Don’t just assume
family time. Especially when the kids get older it’s easy to miss out on the
family time during the week, when everyone is busy with extracurricular
activities and homework. Even if it is just family dinner a few times a week,
it can make a huge difference in you and your child’s success in school.
Studies show that eating a meal together has very positive effects on
children’s development. And as a parent you get the satisfaction of feeling
like you’ve done something right, when you can gather your family together for
a meal.

Connect with Friends
A familiar friend can make all the
difference regardless of if you are a child or adult attending school. As a
parent you can try calling parents from last years class, and reconnecting your
kids. Being an adult try getting together with a group of friends before school
starts. Being social contributes a lot to our happiness, so it’s important that
people of all ages connect with others. Refreshing those connections before
school starts will help with the transition back into school. 

Checkout the school
As a university student your school can
stretch over a mile. Knowing where your classes are ahead of time is CRUCIAL.
It determines your whole game plan. Getting across campus in the fastest
manner, without running into the 30,000 other students trying to cross campus
at the same time takes skill. Map out your route ahead of time. As a parent
taking your child to see the school, and find out where their class/classes are
can help ease a lot of worry for everyone. The school is not a scary place, so
don’t let the fear of the unknown make it that way.

10. Pictures

The start of a new school year is a great
time to get pictures done. If you have kids they can take the place of those
lovely pictures done in the school. If you are an adult attending school it’s
always nice to have a good up-to-date head shot for resumes and applications.
As a family, taking pictures at this time of year allows you to watch your
family grow and change from year to year. And let’s not forget that this is a
BEAUTIFUL time of year to take pictures. Contact us at Stacey Hansen Photography to schedule your pictures! 


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