Celebrate America Show 2016 | Cache Valley Events Photographer

What a great night! Totally unforgettable! Stacey knows one
of the directors of the Celebrate America Show through her dance experience, so
when she asked her to take photos she jumped on the opportunity.
The Celebrate America Show celebrates America by providing
quality musical entertainment through performing arts that educate, honor the
past, and inspire the future. This year’s show is titled “In the Miller Mood.”  They strive to take their audience back in
time to the golden age of the 1940’s. Revisiting America’s musical past and
entertainment with music that helped America through World War II. This timeless
music contributed so much to America’s rich musical history. We wanted to say
that they do such an amazing job at taking you back through their music and
dance. It is a MUST see show! And not only do you get the show but, dinner as
well! All around a great opportunity for our community to enjoy a fun night,
with such enriching entertainment showcasing our beautiful countries past.

We had a great time photographing this fun group, and we
hope that people will take this opportunity to go and see it. Thanks for
getting us out to capture and enjoy this fun filled night!


Posted by Jessica – Blogger & Social Media Associate at Stacey Hansen Photography!

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From the Blogger: I am a small town girl now living in Logan and loving it. I have an amazing husband and the sweetest little boy. I love to travel, dance and be outdoors but most of all I love spending time with my Family!


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