Gratitude List 2019 Stacey Hansen Photography

November brings this joyous time of year and the thankful lists that everyone starts creating. It’s just this time of year that makes us all evaluate life and what we have. What we are grateful for and those things that are so special to us. This year, I’m especially aware of the blessings I have.  I decided to make a gratitude list to document it this year. Gratitude List 2019 Stacey Hansen Photography

This list is in no specific order but just items I’m so thankful for.

  • My husband. Andy is my rock and my calm in the storm. He is my biggest supporter and my partner in crime. My best friend and one I can literally talk to about anything. I have so much gratitude for where we are at in our relationship and life.
  • Our kids. Kira and Kip are such amazing humans. We are so blessed to have them in our lives. I’ve known Kira since the day she was born and though we don’t always get along I am so grateful for her personality and stubbornness in our lives. Kip is an extra special blessing for us. Modern Medicine helped Andy and I create our little miracle in Kip and I am so thankful for him every single day.
  • Our Home. We have been tirelessly working on a new floor plan for a future home and I’ve taken for granted the home we are in. Our home is amazing and so special to us. It’s the first house Andy and I have owned together and we’ve built so many memories here. While I look forward to an adventure on building a new one I have so much gratitude for the house we are in and the blessings we have been given in owning this house.
  • Family and Friends. This is obvious right? Most of us are thankful for those we have but I just can’t get enough of the people in my life that are here for me. Supporting this business, being a friend to talk to, playing board games and card games with, texting on my birthday, and so many small details that I don’t want to miss out and never be thankful for.
  • My sight. I’m blessed to be able to see and experience life in color.
  • Travel. This year I have been able to travel to some amazing places. I took two work trips and a couple personal trips and saw some awesome and unique places.
  • Food and Drink. I have so much gratitude for our family and being able to have food on our table
  • Talent. I have a variety of talents but I am so thankful for each and every individual talent. Some talents I take for granted and I hope to always be thankful for what I was given and what I’ve grown into.
  • Books and Reading. I grew up hating to read. I’m not sure why but I just never enjoyed it. After high school, I started to love it. Some books I enjoy listening to on Audible and others I need the hard copy in my hands. I’m grateful for the knowledge and stories that I’m able to read!

This thanksgiving, I challenge you to make a gratitude list for yourself. Those my list is not all encompassing but it’s a great start. What are you thankful for?

Gratitude List 2019 Stacey Hansen Photography

Gratitude List 2019 Stacey Hansen Photography

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography | Thanksgiving 2019

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