Miami Vacation NASCAR For a Day Experience

A few years ago I was at the Eccles Ice Center’s Spice on Ice during their live auction. There was a trip for 2 as a NASCAR Driver for a day. I was excited to bid on that as a gift for Andy and ended up winning! This was the last year we were able to use that vacation so in January we picked the race track and booked our Trip to Miami Florida! Miami Vacation NASCAR For a Day Experience

I let Andy choose the race track. We decided to pick a track that was a little farther away to get our value out of the package. Homestead Track in Miami Florida was the Winner! We extended our trip 1 day to make it a 4 day trip (3 nights) since we were traveling all day to Florida. We headed there November 1st the day after Halloween. My sister watched Kip was we were there (Thanks Shayna!)

We traveled for most of the day Friday. It was a long time but I loved being with Andy! Saturday we traveled from Miami down to Homestead Miami Speedway track which was about 30-40 minutes. We did the training and videos and then got to watch others start their driving experience. I got called out first. Getting in the car was pretty easy since I was short (The doors don’t open so you have to slide through the window). I couldn’t reach the pedal so they gave me another pad. They buckled me in and then I waited my turn! I had a hard time seeing over the steering wheel too because I was so short!

It was such a rush driving 136 miles per hour. There were about 3 cars on the track during our drive and we got to do about 8 laps. Andy drove right after me and got to listen in on the last lap or two of me and the spotter. There was no one in the car with me when I drove. We had the helmet with the spotter on the speaker system. It was such a neat experience and I’m so glad I got to share it with Andy. I drove way better than me but it was still fun!

Other things we did in Miami: Drove down the Florida Keys, Headed to the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show and looked at 8 million dollar yachts, Brazilian dinner for two, went to the movies, stopped by the beach, drove around in the rain and hung out with my love. It was a fun  getaway and I loved being able to spend those days with Andy.

I didn’t take too many photos but here’s what I did capture!

Miami Vacation NASCAR For a Day Experience

Miami Vacation NASCAR For a Day Experience

Miami Vacation NASCAR For a Day Experience

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography | Miami Florida

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