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The Hansen Family has had a great year. 2016 has defiantly been one for the books, but to be honest I’m sure glad it’s over. We did our family pictures just a few weeks ago. I’ve been holding off on posting them because I wanted to wait until our new WEBSITE went live… which it did today! I am so thrilled to be officially on a new website with a new blog! Head on over and check out the new site and more of our family pictures! I can’t thank my friend, Ryan, enough for helping get the website up and running.

This little lady is a special one, she’s my step daughter and I just adore her. Kira has been such a blessing in my life and in our family. She is full of her own style and sass. She loves all things girly and the color blue. She is learning Spanish in a Dual Immersion program and doing so well! Piano is on her list this year and her first recital is tonight! She is also learning theater / acting and gymastics.

Max and Roxy have been a handful for us! Max has had a couple of rough years, especially going blind this year. We still love him and he is doing remarkable with all things considering! Roxy is quite the character. She’s such a sweet girl and loves dad. She has been shedding a lot lately so we are just getting used to that entire change! We are not used to dogs that shed so it’s been a new learning experience for us. She loves to play and is a great welcoming committee at our house.

Andy and I have had quite the roller coaster ride this year. Through our infertility struggle we’ve seen some amazing ups and complete downs. Through it all we’ve managed to stay positive and tough. He is my rock and gets me through every. single. day. I love that man. If you haven’t read up on our journey or seen our video we would love to share it with you. Our blog is full of raw emotion and the honest truth in our journey but it’s been a great trial to share with others.  www.tryingtoconceiveutah.blogspot.com

This year, Stacey Hansen Photography, has had our best year ever. We can’t wait to share our recap and top photos from the year! Stay tuned over the upcoming weeks to see our Newborn Recap and giveaway as well as our favorites! You might just win something!

Thanks for a great year.


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I'm a 30 something year old wife, mom, step mom, dog mom and photog! I'm passionate about capturing your memories in the moment and creating a unique client experience for all to love.

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