Stitches, Tetanus and Pain | A Photographers Nightmare

So this is a personal post but this incident happened on the job so I’m sharing it here! Some of the photos show a little gore so if you aren’t sure about that just be aware!
It all started during a photo shoot on Saturday May 30 at the Old Logan Coach Building. I’ve been to that building and done pictures there for nearly 4 years. I can’t even say how many sessions I’ve had there total, but it’s a lot. I’ve never been injured while taking photos and I hope to never be injured again! Besides, its not the most professional thing to have happen on the job! Being injured in front of your clients is really a bad feeling. 
It was about 30 minutes into the Berentzen Session. We headed to another section of the building in the shade for a few more quick photos before we were done. It was the first sunny day in weeks so I was taking full advantage and in flip flops. Apparently I was not watching where I was going and I stepped down onto a Rail Road Spike. I didn’t realized it had punctured my skin until I pulled my foot back off. I had to bend down and pull my flip flop of the spike. Janalee asked if that went into my foot. I turned my foot and I was bleeding, “yes, it did”. Chris is an Anesthesiologist in the OR at Logan Regional Hospital so he ran back to their car to grab their first aid kit. That began my traumatic experience of getting stitches right then and there by my amazing clients. I apparently was looking pail while Chris was gone so Janalee had me sit down and started feeding me some Yogurt bites to get some food in me. When Chris got back he cleaned my foot with Hydrogen Peroxide, numbed me up with Lidocaine, then cut away the tissue hanging out, and stitched me up. A half hour later we were up and taking a few more pictures. I’m glad we did too, because in my opinion that’s when we got the “money” shot. My foot was numb but bleeding still when we got done. I needed to get a Tetanus shot but decided to wait until Monday when the Health Department was open since I didn’t need to go to the ER/Insta care. 
That day I canceled my newborn session that was scheduled for an hour later and just took it easy. My foot was bleeding all day so I was confined to the chair and keeping it raised.

Day 2 I actually had 3 photo shoots. A large family session who helped me out and took me around on their 4×4. A newborn session in the studio. And another family session at the park. It was a fun, long day and only full of a little a pain. 

The next few days weren’t as bad but I have a hard time walking and haven’t tried to drive again since I left the session (which actually hurt worse than walking). My foot is bruised and swollen. Walking is slowly getting better, I can actually barely fit one specific shoe on that foot. 
Monday I went in to get a Tetanus Shot. I had hyped the shot up pretty bad and was really nervous by the time I went in. When the lady was done I said, “That’s it?” The shot wasn’t bad at all, it’s been the next few days that are hard. My arm really hurts! 
Ok – Now the pictures… Brace yourself if you aren’t into photos like this, or don’t go any further 🙂
This is what I stepped on. I’m not 100% how far it went in. The hole in my shoe is pretty big and my foot it bruised from where it punctured. 
These photos are of the wound and stitches. 

My favorite flip flops, my Sanuk! Seriously it had to happen to them? It couldn’t have been my $2 old navy ones or something? Then again, maybe it would have been worse with cheaper shoes. 

 Laid up all day trying to stay off my foot! 

Day 2 
I had 3 photo shoots and I did all of them. I prob walked (or hobbled) on my foot a little more than I should have but I didn’t want to cancel or reschedule again. 
Day 3

Day 4
It’s slowly getting better! I’m hoping to be walking normal in a few more days. I’m not sure about putting a lot of pressure on it cause it’s still really sensitive but we’ll see what each day brings! 
Stacey Moss is a Logan Utah Newborn, Wedding and Family Photographer. She loves meeting new clients, capturing the personalities she sees and sharing her love of photography with others. 

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