What to Wear for Newborn Family Photos

I love Education. And what better way to spread knowledge and help you guys out than to share my knowledge and opinions on what to wear? This post is dedicated to NEWBORN STUDIO photos! What to Wear for Newborn Family Photos

I wrote a post about what to wear for family photos previously… link here.

Studio photos are a little different because we are limited on background colors and options to fit an entire family. I typically recommend using our Wood Floor backdrops or a solid color, though the wood floors are my favorite.

Outfits that would work well with wood floors and solid colors are usually simple in style with not a lot of designs, logos, bright colors, etc. Though you are welcome to wear those types of outfits if that’s your style! I like to wear blacks, greys, whites, brown, creams, navy blues, etc. My style is to all wear slightly different colors of the same tones that compliment each other. Though, I do know photographers that would recommend you all wear black or all wear white for instance. So it really is a preference thing. I do recommend some variety in texture though. Textures are easily seen in photos and give you a little more feeling of depth which gives you character.

Things to also remember:

  1. Your hands (and your children’s hands) will be in the photos. So touch up nail polish if that’s your thing or at least clean off your hands. I’ve had clients ask to cover up or edit marker, kids tattoos, and so much more. It’s definitely easier to take care of all of that before pictures rather in post editing.
  2. Bring Makeup, Hair Spray, Clothes, etc to your session! We have a bathroom right next door you can use to get ready. It’s always a good idea to get dressed right before photos especially with kids. Since we do family photos at the end of your session you can change right before those photos. That way you and your kids don’t get your clothes wrinkled and dirty!
  3. You might sweat a little during your newborn session so it’s OK to ask to touch up your hair and make up. Remember, I try to keep newborns so warm and happy that I’m sweating by the end of your session. You might too! It’s totally normal to say “Hey, can I go get ready before family pictures!”.
  4. Roll with it. Sometimes things do not go our way or as planned. Welcome to life with a newborn or any child for that matter. We’ll be cool and just roll with whatever happens so just be relaxed and as happy as you can. It will show in your photos!


Here are some of my favorite Family or Sibling NEWBORN photos’ we’ve done in the studio (in the last year ish) so you can see what has worked well. Granted this is just my personal opinion and you need to live with and LOVE these photos so if you want to do something that wasn’t written in this blog post, by all means please do! I’d rather you love your photos than just follow my recommendations and be ok with them! I have many others that I love that were done years ago but wanted to keep these photos pretty updated with my current style . 🙂 As you can see, most families use my mid tone grey backdrop but there are other options we can use too! Any of my Matt Floors can look great!

What to Wear for Newborn Family Photos | Logan Utah Photographer

What to Wear for Newborn Family Photos | Logan Utah Photographer

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography | Backdrops: Intuition Backdrops 

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