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It is so exciting to finally tie up a wedding package! When
you work with a couple through their engagements and bridals, it is so fun to
finally get to the wedding! You get to see their excitement just grow and grow
leading up to the big day, and when it finally arrives we are the ones who get
to capture all the special moments. By the next day it is just a memory, and
it’s the photos that help to keep that day, and the feelings that came with it,
alive forever.   
This couple is seriously amazing and such fun! Jeff and
Taylor met in institute choir last January. From there the love just grew. Stacey
started working with the couple when she took their engagements. They had a
blast out at Merlin Olsen Park, Utah State University campus, and Green Canyon
capturing the first part of this wedding package.
The fun continued when Stacey took their formals. We were a
little nervous of getting rained out, but everything ended up going perfectly!
The Ogden temple was absolutely beautiful for this session. However, not
anywhere near as beautiful as this stunning bride! Stacey had the opportunity
to be apart of their “first look,” which was such a special moment for these
two people who are so obviously in love. Jeff and Taylor are very easy going,
pose wonderfully, and know exactly how to portray their love. It really helped
ease the stress of wedding day photos to get these formals done.
Finally it was wedding day! Jeff and Taylor love to kiss,
hold hands, and today were ecstatic to finally be sealed for time and all
eternity in the Ogden Temple. June 3rd was a perfect day for a
wedding! The weather was absolutely beautiful. After the sealing all of their
family and friends gathered outside the temple doors. They had such great
support; you can tell both of them are loved dearly. Outside you could just
feel the excitement in the air as the couple prepared to exit the temple. We
got some great shots of their grand entrance, and some with all of their
friends and family. (Including a missionary cutout) It really was such a
beautiful day!
That evening everyone gathered for a reception. The
decorations were so elegant. The purple and gold were mesmerizing. One of my
personal favorites was a storyboard that listed all of the significant dates in
their relationship. And lets not forget the delicious treats! (Those are always
a favorite) Their wedding cake was so beautiful! 3 tiers, topped with a temple,
covered in ribbon and lace. It was one you had to see!
The day concluded with quite the dance! It was a blast!
Everyone was involved, and having such a good time. They had the tossing of the
bouquet and the garter. The much enjoyed decorating of the car. And finally the
grand finale!! Everyone blew bubbles while Jeff and Taylor ran and jumped into
their “fancy” car.
It was just such a great day! Working with this couple
through it all was such a joy for Stacey. We loved getting to see their excitement
grow as they got closer and closer to the big day, and then finally to see it
all play out perfectly.
Congratulations Jeff & Taylor! We know you will have such great
happiness together for so many years to come!   


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From the Blogger: I am a small town girl now living in Logan and loving it. I have an amazing husband and the sweetest little boy. I love to travel, dance and be outdoors but most of all I love spending time with my Family!

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