Kip 10 Month Updates

Another month and I’m still behind! Here’s what we were up to with Mr Kip last month when he hit the big 1-0! Kip 10 Month Updates (April)

  • Sitting up more and more and LONGER!
  • Started with army Crawling and then moved to full on crawling and you are fast
  • Screaming when mad
  • banging head on things
  • pickles and kiwi were favorites – oh and Brussels sprouts
  • waking up 1 or 2 times a night to feed or cuddle
  • Dad was out of town a couple of times
  • Like to eat wet wipes but hate having your face cleaned with them
  • Giggling all the time
  • Learning to use Sippy Cup
  • Dr Appt – 16 lbs, 3 oz in the 4% for weight, 5% on height and head is 50%
  • Holding bottle while eating
  • play patty cake
  • Pulling yourself up on things
  • LOVE the bath and get a good work out!
  • First Easter! You loved to eat the Easter eggs
  • Drinking water and love it
  • Lowered your crib mattress so you couldn’t climb out

Kip 10 Month Updates (April)

Kip 10 Month Updates (April)

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography

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