Pin Up Style Photo Shoot, Logan Utah

Oh I am somewhat slacking these days and I’m so sorry! I did this Pin Up Concept shoot about a month ago and I just finished editing it! I’m been swamped with sessions so I have put off this one since it was a concept shoot for me. I did have a TON of help with this one though so I apologize to all those that helped out. I did take a long time!

I learned an immense amount of knowledge about my photography, lighting, models, make up, editing, and shooting with cars/bikes. This was the first time using a car and I loved it. However, now that I’ve done it once I have a TON of ideas on how to make it better so I need to do it again.

Thanks to everyone who made this shoot possible. 

Makeup: We had an amazing make up artist with us! Her name is Heather Malone and she runs HMMakeovers. Find her on FACEBOOK here. She’s super fun and has some awesome ideas, not to mention seriously talented. Thanks again Heather!
Hair: These gorgeous pin up hair styles were created by Jade from Beyoutiful by Jade. Check her out on FACEBOOK too, found here. I loved the curls pin up concepts she created. She really helped make it a pin up session! Thanks Jade. 
Nails: Nails on Angie were done by Danyel from When I Grow Up! Her FACEBOOK page is here. By the way, it’s nearly a month since her nails were done and they are still in tact! Awesome. 
Location: A huge thanks to Andy Hansen for helping with the location. My original location fell through and we had to make due with Andy’s shop. I learned a lot and would love to try another location sometime! 
Car: Brent Hansen owns this 1955 Bel Air. 
Bike: This stunning Harley was provided for use by Aaron Gibbons. 
Models: A huge thanks to Angie Duncombe and Tera Smith for modeling and providing their outfits! They both did an amazing job., 
Photographer: Photography by Stacey Moss and second shooter Andy Hansen. 
I tried to use an antique edit on most of these to give them the old time look. I definitely need practice on that concept as well as shooting models but overall I had a BLAST and would totally do this again. 

 A little BEFORE Action… 

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