Planning Cake Smash Session Logan Utah Cake Smash Photographer

You all know we love Cake Smash sessions, right? Taking photos of one year olds smashing cake is one of our favorites! Well 30 and 40 year olds doing cake smashes is amazing and hilarious too! But, what works best when doing a cake smash session? We’ve created some tips to help our clients in planning their one year cake smash photography session. Planning Cake Smash Session Logan Utah Cake Smash Photographer

We are writing a small series of blog posts dedicated to planning out cake smash sessions with us! This is Planning a Cake Smash Session Post #1! (Planning Cake Smash Session Logan Utah Cake Smash Photographer)

First decision – Do you want a full session or a mini session? So what’s the difference?

Full Session:
  • A full session is up to 60 minutes and you’ll get 40 or more photos. We provide the cake, banner, balloons, poms, cake topper, etc. Basically you provide the cute kid and outfit and we’ll do the rest! We provide the whole shabang! Well to some extent…. wait, what does that mean? Well if you want a full elaborate themed session that we can’t provide within our budget, we ask that you help with the banner, balloons, props, etc. Together we make the session exactly what you want! With a full session you also get one, two or three set ups BEFORE cake!
Mini Session:
  • A mini session is up to 30 minutes and you’ll get 20 or more photos. This session is ONLY the cake smash and you provide everything for the session. I usually let clients use props, banners, cake toppers that I already have but you are limited to what’s already in my inventory. No pre-cake photos for this session. This is perfect if you are trying to save some money but still want to capture those cute one year cake smash photos of your daughter or son!

Typically, parents love the full session. Why? Because of everything it includes! And those posed photos in your cute every day or best dressed outfits are perfect for gifting to grandma, grandpa or printing for your home. You can use those pre cake set ups for different outfits or just different backdrops, etc. Usually, those are the cute posed photos you usually hang on your wall. Don’t get me wrong, my favorite are the cake smash photos but usually you don’t put those on your wall. I sure do though, well in my studio anyways.

Here’s some info and examples on those pre cake photos.

So there you have it. Some of the info about our cake smash sessions! We love doing the full sessions the most but we understand everyone’s budget and time vary and that’s why we provide options! Stay tuned for more posts on planning a cake smash session! Or if you’re interested in booking, contact us and we’ll send you the whole Cake Smash Session Planning Guide!  Email us! [email protected]

Planning Cake Smash Session Logan Utah Cake Smash Photographer

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography |  Cake Topper: Tender Love Cardstock on Etsy | Cake: Temptation Cupcake, Logan Utah  | Banner Provided by : Stacey Hansen

In Studio First Year Packages are the best but we love outdoor sessions too!! Much as we try to use the studio, outdoor sessions can be super awesome as well! Watch your little one grow during their first year and let us help. Because this package is perfect for that! Sessions at 6, 9 and 12 months make for the best first year memories ever.  I adore getting to see all my clients during these ages. Therefore, these ages are just the best! Cake Smash sessions at their 1 year appointments are usually my favorite!

Contact Stacey Hansen Photography to book your kids session. We love any age,  from newborn and up.  We love the monthly milestone sessions! Our favorite is to  capture some amazing memories for you at ANY age! [email protected]

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Planning Cake Smash Session Logan Utah Cake Smash Photographer

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