The Tuesday 10 | Studio Upgrades!

Today’s Tuesday 10 Post comes just in the nick of time! While I was on vacation a few weeks ago, Andy my super handsome and AMAZING boyfriend took apart my studio and starting working on something even better! 
Here’s what the studio looked like before I left. Notice the upgraded Backdrop stand that is hanging on the wall. Those changes were made since May when I did my Throw Back Thursday Post on having a new studio.. That post is here:
That was a HUGE upgrade from my plastic backdrop stand and I loved it! But then he took it down and started building the backdrop below. I had a few newborn sessions scheduled right when I got home so he didn’t get a chance to finish because I needed my studio. 
This past Sunday he finished installing and I organized my studio. I love EVERYTHING about it! I need to take some close up pictures of it but these will have to do for now (and they are cell phone pictures). So here are 10 facts about the stand and the “new” studio. 
1. I love the shelves! I needed more space for additional props because my closet was seriously full so that free’d up a little room. I have them organized by boy, girl and neutral since I typically use the studio for newborns more than anything. 
2. I LOVE that ALL of my backdrops can now be stored right there on the stand (They aren’t stored there yet I need to install them all on the dowels). The back half of the stand is made for storage while the front side is different height increments.  
3. It’s super easy to change the height of the backdrops in seconds and without walking from one side of the stand to the other to adjust legs or without hitting the wall and dinging it up. 
4. It’s super compact and tucked up to the wall VERY nicely. It gives me much more room than my portable one because I don’t have legs in the way! 
5. I can get backdrops all the way to the ceiling as well as super close to the floor. It’s much more versatile than my portable as well as the other wood one I had installed. 
6. It looks professional and amazing. Which ALWAYS help make a Photographer look good. 
7. Canvas prints have now been hung up in the studio, well two to be precise. I’m still debating on the other 2 I’m going to print. 
8. I have re-organized my prop storage and that means I have room for more. 🙂 
9. The couch is super comfy and comes in REALLY handy when Clients are in the studio! 
10. I feel relaxed, proud, and blessed to have such a wonderful work space to call my own. I know not every photographer is as lucky as I am and I’m truly thankful to have a studio in my house to call my own. 

The panorama option on my phone is a great option but it also misses alignment on a few things lol. 
For all you photographers out there who are interested in this same backdrop stand Andy is going to be making them and can install or ship/pick up as needed. Contact me today. I truly think it helped my workflow immensely. 

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