The Tuesday Ten | 10 Acts of Kindness

Today’s Tuesday Ten idea was recommended by Stephanie Strawn. I’ve known Stephanie for nearly 4 years through our volunteer work with Relay for Life. She’s a remarkable woman and it’s only fitting that she gave me this topic. I challenge each of you to pick a few things on this list and do them in the next week. They may be small things but it’s through our small acts that we can make the world a better place. 

10 Acts of Kindness that
can change the world

1.     Open or Hold the door open for
2.     Volunteer somewhere (Humane Society,
Relay for Life, Local Library, etc).
3.     When you purchase an item of
clothing, donate an item to someone in need
4.     Help someone carry something
5.     Pick up litter
6.     Be sincere when you say “Thank You”
7.     Let someone merge into your lane
8.     Put money in an expired parking meter
9.     Compliment Someone
10.  Listen.
Don’t interrupt when someone is speaking to you. Sometimes just having someone
listen to your feelings/opinions can make a huge difference. 

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