The Tuesday Ten | 5 Years in the Making

Can you believe Stacey Hansen Photography {Formerly Photography by Stacey Moss} has been going strong for 5 years? I sure can’t! We are calling November our official first month in business. However, we did family photos for a client in August but it took until November to decide to finally kick off our photography business. I can’t believe that 5 years later we are going strong with as much passion for photography as ever. Here’s a recap on the last 5 years and a little about where we were and where we are now, Plus make sure to head over to our Instagram for a FAMILY SESSION GIVEAWAY!! @staceyhansenphoto

1. Business Name: Stacey Hansen Photography. We started out as Photography by Stacey Moss and kept that name for almost 4 years. Last summer when we were getting married we changed the name and, theme, logo and style to Stacey Hansen Photography.

2. Major improvements / Studio: We have moved from a make shift studio in our upstairs living room to a full time dedicated studio which we love. Andy has helped create the perfect backdrop stand and storage location and I have continually improved items over the last 3 years. It’s fun to look back at photos of before and compare to after!

Current Studio:

Before photos:

3. Newborn: We have increased our number of newborns each and every year. We’ve improved greatly on work flow and style. And we LOVE newborns. They are my all time favorite session! I am going to show some “Before” photos here and I’m going to be really embarrassed! I personally think I’ve come a long long ways from 4-5 years ago!


After or Current:

4. Families: I have also changed year over year with how I photograph and edit families. Though Families stay pretty consistent I always love capturing updated photos for clients, family and friends!

5. Weddings and Second Shooters: I have learned many things about weddings in the last 5 years. My most recent learning experience was just a few months ago. Weddings are hard. Some brides are hard. They make for long days and travel and Lots and lots of editing. But there’s just something about capturing the emotion and excitement on a wedding day. My first wedding was at the Salt Lake Temple. I was nervous and scared. I think my nerves never went away but I’m not usually scared any more. I’m excited.

6. Support: In the five years we’ve been in business, our support group has continually grown. I have always had a very supportive family. They are my biggest fans and in return I can’t thank them enough. My three sisters constantly have me do their photos. I’ve done photos for Jamee at least 3 times this year! Her family, Her mom’s Family and Preschool photos. Steph’s family was in the studio for mini’s and we did their family photos, Shayna’s kids have been in a lot since they have a new 5 month old and we just did their family photos this past weekend. one of these days I’m going to get my entire family together for family photos too!

7. Blogger: This year we were so busy and couldn’t keep up on blogging we hired a part time Social Media and Blogger. It’s worked out fairly well and we love reading someone elses account of the session and their beautiful words!

8. Who Am I? The Photographer behind the Lens: That is a loaded question right? Well, I’m a pretty plain and simple kinda girl. I love my family, friends and my job(s). I am one of those work aholics that loves staying busy. That’s why my schedule works so well for me. I am the Quality Manager at Hycomp, a manufacturing company in Hyde Park. I’ve worked there for over 12 years. I own Stacey Hansen Photography, obviously. I also love to Volunteer and give back. This year I am the Cache County Relay for Life Event Chair and am excited to see where it goes. In my spare time I love to scrapbook, read a good book, go boating, entertain guests at our house, jeeping, travel, play poker, family game nights, and cuddle up watching a movie. I actually love living in Hyrum and never thought I’d say that. Andy and I have been married just over a year and have lived in Hyrum just over 3 years. We are a family of 5 with Kira and two dogs.

9. Then and Now: As you can see from some of the above photos we’ve changed quite a bit in style and editing our photographs. I love learning new tools and tricks to better my business and myself as a photographer. I have a really good system down and my work flow is straight forward and easy. I usually stay organized and I love giving back to my clients.

10. Awards: Hopefully you saw our award from September! We won the Best of Cache Valley award as the Children’s Photographer! Since this is a voted award I’m sure my clients, family and friends are to thank for winning this one!

About Stacey Hansen

I'm a 30 something year old wife, mom, step mom, dog mom and photog! I'm passionate about capturing your memories in the moment and creating a unique client experience for all to love.