The Tuesday Ten | Favorite Thrive Foods

Today is a follow up post on Thrive Life Foods. The original post talked about Why Thrive but this one is all about good stuff! It's a guest post by Stephanie Atkinson and she writes "Here's my 10 favorite Thrive life foods"

We have so many great foods and here is just a few of my favorites! 
1-Bananas-they are yummy and last a long time!

2-Pineapple- talk about flavor! And no cutting the pineapple- they are already done!
3-Yogurt bites- such an easy snack for little ones and tasty

4-Sliced Strawberries- flavor! And no prep- no washing, no cutting
5-Chicken- oh my! It's already cut cooked and ready to eat!! Saves so much time and energy

6-granny apples- love these! No cutting apples and delicious
7-tomato sauce- this makes a quick and easy sauce for pizzas, spaghetti
8-chopped onions- no tears, no chopping, no onion smelling hands it's all done for you- oh and no waste- I don't know how many times I buy an onion and only use half if it and the other half gets lost in my fridge!
9- macaroon cookies- so yummy!

10-diced potatoes- simple! They come ready to use! Throw them in a casserole, or breakfast burritos!!


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