The Tuesday Ten, Guest Post about Scentsy

Yup, it’s Tuesday again! Today’s Tuesday Ten post is another guest blogger on Scentsy. I personally LOVE scentsy. I have a warmer in nearly every room in my house, including my studio and my office at work. I love the concept of Scentsy warmers and the option to change out scents so quickly! My good friend Rikell is an Independent Scentsy Consultant and she wrote today’s post. You can check her out on Facebook
I am very thankful Stacey asked me to spotlight my Scentsy
business on her Blog!  What an
honor!  When I sat down to think about
what to write I had a hard time deciding what 10 Scentsy topics to write
about.  I have hundreds of things I could
say about Scentsy, I love it that much! 
So first a little about me… I have been a consultant with Scentsy for 2
½ years.  I am very close to becoming a
director and have an amazing team of women below me that rock their Scentsy
businesses and I am very proud of them! 
I joined so my mom could have a consultant to buy from, and I needed a
hobby.  My hobby has now turned into so
much more!  I make good money and
recently earned an incentive trip to CANCUN! 
Things can happen and they are happening with Scentsy! Contact me for my
personal special and mention this blog 435-730-8010
Ten things you may not know about

#1 New warmer and Scent released every month:  Each month Scentsy releases a NEW warmer and
scent that are not included in the regular catalog.  For that month only, you can purchase these
new products at a 10% discount. 

#2 Free shipping on qualifying orders: Orders of $150+
ship for FREE!!!  Or when you host a
qualifying Scentsy party with a total of $150 collective orders, all orders
will be shipped for FREE!!!

#3 Only $99 to Start your own Scentsy business:  When you Join Scentsy the startup cost is
affordable.  Only $99 plus tax and
shipping!  With your $99 you get everything
you need to launch your new business: 80+ scent testers to share with party
guests, demonstration products like Warmers, Buddies, and Bars. Catalogs, order
forms, and business materials.
#4 Quality Product and safe:  Scentsy refuses to use anything but the
finest scented oils in the wax bars and the highest quality products in their
warmers. The Scentsy Warmers can be used time after time with as many scents as
you choose and offers a lifetime guarantee against manufactures defects. Unlike
a traditional candle the wax does not evaporate leaving black soot on your
walls & ceiling and in your lungs. Since Scentsy doesn’t heat the wax as
hot as a burning candle, only the scented potent fragrance oils are released
into the air. Your house and children are completely safe and you have peace of
mind knowing your children are safe from the harmful effects associated with
traditional candles.
#5 Varieties of parties: I personally offer several
different styles of parties to meet the needs of each host.  They are all fun and offer a way for you to
earn FREE and HALF OFF Scentsy product. 
Sometimes I even combine the styles to give you the most rewards!  If a home party is not your style, try a
basket/catalog party, or even an online interactive Facebook party.  

#6 You can mix and match Scents: Did you know that
you can make scent recipes to have a scent all your own.  Try it out yourself and have fun with the
possibilities.  Just mix a cube of 2-3

#7 Layers products: Scentsy is more than just wax and
warmers.  They offer Bath, Body, and
laundry care products as well.  My
personal favorites are Body Lotion and Hand soap.
#8 Scentsy is in other countries: Yep that’s
right.  Scentsy is taking on the world.  Australia, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Ireland,
Poland, UK, and coming September 2014 Spain and France. If you know anyone in
those countries get on board with Scentsy and add them to your team and watch
your team explode with potential!
#9 Incentive trips are for real:  Not only do you earn 20-30% commission
when you are a consultant, but you also have the opportunity to earn incentive
trips.  I recently earned the all-expense
paid Leadership retreat to Cancun!  Next
trip qualifiers will earn a Royal Caribbean Cruise or Scentsy Family Reunion in
Las Vegas!

#10 Training: When you join Scentsy you have ultimate
Consultant support.  Including Director
and sponsor training as well as a training center with 100’s of videos and
PowerPoint presentations to help you on your way.  Also, coming this month August 2014 Accent
Academy will be launching to give you step by step system to help you move to
the next level. 

With all this being said. I love Scentsy and would love to
share more about the products, hosting a party, or even joining my team if you
are interested.  I also want to thank
Stacey for letting me share!  Hope to
hear from you soon.  Here is my contact
Rikell Hammer 

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