The Tuesday Ten | Happy Halloween!

Today’s Tuesday Ten is all about our Halloween Mini sessions. This year we tried something new and purchased a Halloween backdrop. We had a love / hate relationship with it. It’s not the color I was expecting but it made things SUPER easy. Most everyone that came worked with it and I appreciate everyone’s support during our Halloween Mini’s. We flew by session after session during our mini marathon and it worked so well! Here’s all the kids we got to capture!

1. Kira and Robin. I get to start with these two because I’m partial to this little lady. She and her brother came in for their mini a few days before the marathon and they rocked it. Their Easter session was a little harder so when Robin was super happy for these I was thrilled. She is Maleficent and he is the Crow. Kira’s mom made Robin’s costume and I thin kit turned out GREAT!

2. Collin and Oakley. These are two of my favorites! They are my niece and nephew so I guess I’m partial to them too. We didn’t get to capture much of Oakley because she was grumpy this day but we got a few of this sibling duo. Collin loves superheros so it was fitting that he was Spiderman this year. 
3. Payzlee and Knox. Oh I love these kiddos! They rocked their session and Miss P was SOO excited to get her photos taken! She wanted more and more and more. I loved it though. Miss Doc McStuffins and a dino! 

 4. These three sisters are some of my favorites to photograph! I have been capturing photos of them for a couple of years. I can’t believe how big they are getting and how much their personality starts to show once they are familiar with me!


5. Miss Mickey Mouse Addi is another favorite of mine! This is her second year on our Themed Mini package and she has rocked it this year! She came out of her shell this past summer / spring and I love seeing her cute smile every time!

6.  Lily is the best and cutest horse ever! She wasn’t too excited for pictures but she didn’t cry and was so good to stand there. Just no giggles or smiles this time around. We’ll catch them at Christmas, I hope! She’s still darling though.

7.  This little Gem is just over 3 months old, maybe 4! She smiled and giggled so good for most of her session. She’s a little cup cake and I just adore her onsie that says “I’m so cute it’s Scary”. Ha Love it! 

8.  Cute little cousins came to the studio together for their Halloween Mini. They all did SO well and little Jace was the cutest dragon.

9.  Last but not least was this crew. Their make up was totally on point. It was amazing. Mom has some awesome friends that helped with out with their make up and I was totally digging it. Some serious talent there!

 10. Happy Halloween of course! Thanks to all of our Halloween Mini Sessions. We loved capturing your cute kids in their costumes. Next year it more “FALL” themed! Stay Tuned!

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