The Tuesday Ten | Know You’re an Aggie

Today’s Tuesday Ten hopefully will bring you a little laugh.
I stumbled across an article that talked about 15 signs you might have gone to
Utah State. It sparked some creativity in me, and I decided to compile my own
list of 10 ways to Know You’re an Aggie. So here is today’s Tuesday Ten! Are
you an Aggie?
enjoy “Cleaning the Sink”
Logan just wouldn’t’ be complete without Angie’s!
And as a student you really haven’t lived until you can show off your Angie’s
bumper sticker. This local restaurant has a food challenge known as “Cleaning
the Sink.” They bring out an actual sink that is overflowing with ice cream,
toppings, and bananas. You, and some friends (Thank heavens you get help!) have
to eat the entire thing! If you complete the challenge successfully you earn
yourself a bumper sticker!   It is quite the challenge, but one that is well
known to us Aggies!!
favorite song involves Sagebrush
I’ve spent countless hours walking around
USU’s campus, and I’ve never once seen any sagebrush. However, it is known as
the place “Where the sagebrush grows.” USU’s fight song is one that you can’t
help but sing along to, and as an Aggie it is a time to lay all your pride out
on the table. I still have no idea why we sing about USU as the place where
sagebrush grows, but that won’t stop me from letting my “Aggie” show!
spent more time on the bus than your own vehicle.
USU has a fantastic bus
system, but you can’t ever count on it getting you anywhere fast. It always seems
like when you are running late for class, so is everyone else. And then the bus
isn’t working, traffic is backed-up, you need to switch drivers… and so on, and
on, and on… What would have been a 10-minute walk, turns into a 30 minute bus
ride. Gotta love those Aggie shuttles!
of busses… You have been so close to someone on that bus that you can tell what
they have in their backpack!
During the winters Logan turns into a mini
Antarctica. FREEZING! No one is going to walk to class because you will either
get hypothermia or you’ll slip and fall on your bum, not once, but multiple
times! Because of these associated risks EVERYONE takes the bus. When you think
that there is no way even one more person can get on the bus, on squeeze ten
more! You know you’re an aggie when the closest you’ve ever been to a stranger
was on one of these winter bus rides.  
went to Taste of Logan to beat the hunger, and came home hungrier?
sounds like the greatest event ever! As a Freshman you flock to Main Street to
try all of the local restaurants’ food. However, the only thing they give you
are little cookies, apples, or some ice cream. You never get any “real” food,
and you are battling thousands of other people for a popsicle. As an
upperclassman you go more to watch the little freshman, or to just spend time
with friends. Either way you don’t go to fill yourself up!
doesn’t the library have another door?
! You have to walk clear around the
building to get to the one set of doors. Then you walk to the back of the
library to study, and then trek your way back to the front to get out. Everyone
would save some time and frustration with another set of doors. To avoid the
problem you end up just studying at home.
through the cemetery are a regular thing.
If you are ever trying to get
from one side of campus to the other you know that the cemetery is the best
shortcut there is. And you are never alone on your trek… and no I’m not talking
about the deceased. Lots of students use the cemetery as a regular path in-between
classes or home.
rent budget for the month includes puppies!
Yes you read correctly. Renting
puppies! This is a more recent Aggie fad, but one that has really taken over.
Puppies for Rent was a genius idea where people can pay to rent puppies by the
hour. Then if you just fall in love with the pup, which there is a good chance
you will, you can become their forever home! Students love to rent pups because
it allows them to get their puppy fill without breaking the no pets rule in
have done anything to avoid eye contact during elections week.
elections week you will be asked to vote at least 15 times just in-between your
first class. If you can avoid making eye contact you can sometimes cut that
number in half, and decrease the amount of awkward conversations. If you
haven’t mastered the art of avoiding eye contact plan on it taking double the time
to get to class. My best advice is to just vote! That way you can dodge any
unwanted conversation with the simple phrase “I already voted” *Cue Smile
moons are important!
Every full moon signals the beginning of true aggie
night, as well as the challenge of becoming an ultimate aggie, for those who
are a little more adventurous. True aggie night is where way to many students
stand in line in the freezing cold all night, so that they can kiss someone up
on the famous A. Thus becoming a true aggie! To become and ultimate aggie you
must ride the bull statue in the nude. A little to much for me, but I can say
that I’m a true aggie with my sweet husband J
So if you are single you better find your way to campus on the next full moon!
There are Pros and Cons to every college, but at USU the
good definitely outweighs the bad. Being an Aggie is and honor, and USU will
always have a special place in our hearts. I mean who doesn’t love the spot
where the sagebrush grows???…. So after all of this. Are you an Aggie?


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