Embarrassing Moments as a Photographer | Post #2

Did you see our last post on embarrassing moments? Well, here’s another one. This is more about my equipment having issues than with getting stitches! Still, embarrassing and unprofessional for sure. Embarrassing Moments as a Photographer | Post #2

This happened years ago, so I can finally relax and laugh a little about it. At the time I was SOOO embarrassed and disappointed in myself. I’m sure my clients weren’t too happy either though.

It was a winter day, my clients had wanted outdoor photos so we started at a location here in the valley. It ended up being cold and the kids weren’t too happy so after a few shots we decided we needed to find a spot indoors. I was scrambling last minute to see what I could find. It was already session time for one and my clients were standing in front of me. After some quick research we decided to go to the USU Library. It was free and available.

We headed up to the Library and as everyone arrived we were ready to start. AND MY CAMERA STOPPED WORKING. To this day I never figured out what happened! My memory card stopped reading and I didn’t have a spare. Error #1 on my part. So I called my husband (boyfriend at the time) and he rushed me a back up memory card. When he arrived it got my camera to work and we started taking photos.

It was a horrible experience and the poor family that I was with wasn’t too happy. I don’t blame them, I was unprepared for that and I deserved the frustration. So I learned my lesson very quickly and now carry multiple back ups for memory cards, lenses, batteries etc. I haven’t ran into an issue since but it was a lesson I needed to learn. And it was embarrassing.

Here’s some awesome family photos – none of which are the family I captured that day.¬† ūüôā

Embarrassing Moments as a Photographer | Post #2

Chambers Family Logan Utah Photographer  

Embarrassing Moments as a Photographer | Post #2

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography

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