Make Way, it’s Karson’s Birthday. He’s turning 2

How is our little guy 2! Whew, time flew by so fast. Karson loves Cocomelon so that’s the theme we did for his birthday party. Plus, lots of photos from the last year. Make Way, it’s Karson’s Birthday. He’s turning 2

Here’s some highlights from the last year, in no particular order:

  • Cocomelon is a favorite of yours.
  • Trip to Oregon Cost
  • Mexico, Cabo trip. You did so dang good on our flight and on vacation
  • Stiches – You fell at Grandma Hawkes house and cut your lip. You had to be put sorta out and got stitches under your bottom lip.
  • Roxy Passed away. We miss her!
  • Seattle trip to Visit aunt Maria
  • You love eating food!
  • You love your brother and follow everything he does. You guys are BFFs.
  • We got rid of bottles!
  • You love snuggles with mom and dad.
  • You are shy around most adults
  • Talking just a few words and only 1 word at a time
  • We moved. Sold our house and moved into a Trailer behind Grandma/Grandpa Hansen’s House.
  • Lots of fun activities you loved to do and play with other kids.
  • Dirt Dirt Dirt – you could play in the dirt or sand for hours
  • Hate getting your hair cut or even trimmed. It’s super hard to do.
  • You are a tease and when you don’t want something you say no and put your hand out.

Make Way it’s Karson’s Birthday He’s turning 2

Make Way, it's Karson's Birthday. He's turning 2       Make Way, it's Karson's Birthday. He's turning 2 Make Way, it's Karson's Birthday. He's turning 2

Make Way, it’s Karson’s Birthday. He’s turning 2

Photographer: Stacey Hansen Photography

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