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This past weekend we headed down to the Midway Ice Castles. We went to this venue/event last year and had so much fun, so we decided to do it again! Ice Castles are seriously amazing and beautiful structures. The Midway Ice Castles were at the Homestead Resort this year which is a new location, it was much better for parking and lines!

Overall, the Ice Castles are fun and super neat. Andy, Kira and I plus my sister Shayna and her two kids headed down Saturday afternoon. Last year there was MUCH more to do there with slot canyons and cool walkways to go through. This year the main area was much much bigger. There were also many more slides this year and less lines so that was a plus. The kids loved the slides! Plus, they loved having their picture taken this year. Every other corner they’d ask “Stacey, will you take my picture?” Like seriously! ha ha it was super funny to listen to Collin and Kira want their photos taken and to see their poses!

I added in a bunch of our cell phone pictures to this blog post too since those are sometimes easier and faster to take. We did manage to get some fun photos of the castles but just not as cool as last year in my opinion. Originally, we wanted to see the Castles at Night time with the lights because we didn’t get to last year. Our time slot this year was for 3-3:30 pm. We were there at about 3:30 and left at around 5. The colored lights had just been turned on so you could see them through the ice but it was light enough they didn’t show up really well. I think night time would fun super cool and would make for some fun photos but I think the younger kids definitely had more fun during the day!

If you haven’t gone yet, I highly recommend it! You need to pre-purchase tickets for a designated time slot and they sell out fast. So, go now! http://icecastles.com/midway/


Ice Castles Info

Weather notice from their website: Due to the extreme change in weather from below freezing cold to warm and rainy, the Midway Ice Castle will be closed Monday, Jan. 9th – Thursday, Jan. 12th.  At this time we are unsure if we will be open on Friday Jan. 13th and Saturday Jan. 14th.   We expect to be open as usual on Monday Jan. 16th.

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